Lungu in new contract scandal for $15 Million

Lungu in new contract scandal for $15 Million

Koswe Mumpoto. Edgar Lungu strikes again. While Zambians are busy digesting Pilato’s Koswe Mumpoto song, Patriotic Front President Edgar Lungu has struck again.


This time it is at the Ministry of Defence. Lungu through his friend Davis Chama the PF Minister of Defence has given a dubious contract to an Eritrean family to supply Millitary uniforms.

The single sourced deal is believed to be US15million. According to sources from the Millitary Intelligence, the contract has been given to the Mengstu family of Eritrean decent. This is the family that  owns Blue Nile Lodges, Melsin Lodge both in Alick Nkhata road and the Grand Palace hotel along the Thabo Mbeki road in Lusaka.

The main thief and friend of Lungu is Melsin Mengisutu.

“These are his long time family friends. If you remember even when Lungu and Guy Scott were fighting for Presidency team Edgar Lungu was camped at Blue Nile. They are the ones who sold him the Blue Nile Lodge in Chawama which is now called Ndozo Lodge 2. Lungu is just using the name for convinience sake otherwise Clint Sichamba is the owner of the original Ndozo Lodge at the Mimosa junction. Chitotela is the one who advised Lungu to use the name Ndozo Lodge because the money to buy that came from Avic International. Chitotela is a personal friend to Sichamba. Aren’t you surprised that Ndozo Lodge 2 is being guarded by State House Police”the source said. The source said US15million was too much for millitary uniforms. ” You know they know that the public can not question this because procurement for defence and security wings is done in secrecy but US15million for millitary uniforms is way too much. Someone is chewing” the source said. The uniforms are for the Zambia National Service, the Zambia Army and the Zambia Airforce. ” How many officers do we have even if it meant giving them three sets each. These guys will just go to China and stay there for two weeks then the stuff is ready and this is not the first time. Soon after Lungu was voted in office in 2015 he gave these same guys the same contract” the source said.

Lungu and Mengistu at state house

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