Lungu interferes in police work, orders arrest of political rival HH

In yet another chilling interference with the operations of the police, president Edgar Lungu has ordered the police to arrest UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema
Lungu issued the directive Monday morning at State House when he swore in Ireen Mambilima as Chief Justice.
Police are supposed to work professionally and independently without receiving instructions from politicians as to whom they should investigate or arrest.
When Police act on instructions from politicians, the case becomes political and victims are entitled to respond politically like going to the police with thousands of cadres.

‘I expect the police to move in and find out from him how he is doing so. Has unsurped the powers of the President. The past five days have worried me a lot and I want you to find out from him whether it is true he runs the OP in this country because as far as I know there is only one President and that President is me and through me we all have to be governed,’ he said.

He said, ‘the police must find out from HH how he is controlling the state intelligence system and if there are people leaking such information to him, we need to fish them out and charge them and if there is a criminal offence occasioned, the Director of Prosecutions will take it up.’

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