Lungu is a callous joke – Nawakwi

It is shocking that while the country is sinking in a deep social and economic crisis, our President has the pleasure to fly around to see the The Holy See leaving behind a crisis at UNZA and CBU, says FDD president Edith Nawakwi.

‘Let me be very clear, no one says the President shouldn’t see the Pope, NO, we just strongly believe that the President’s number one priority must be to attend to the urgent needs of his people here at home before he decides to fly around,’ Nawakwi said.

She said the money that Lubgu is using carrying a huge contigent of Government officials and PF cadres to Rome could have better been used to pay the students at our two public universities and avert the retrogressive and unnecessary closures.

‘The man is indeed callous! No wonder he preferred to use millions of taxpayers’ money ferrying PF cadres to Heroes Stadium to append his signature to the Amended Constitution while pregnant mothers in our clinics and hospitals are forced to use buckets and jik when delivering. Mr President what are your priorities?’

‘We have said time and again that closing CBU and UNZA is not a solution. The only solution is for Government to be responsive to the needs of the students. We ought to invest in education because it is the only equaliser that will unshackle our people from the chains of poverty and ignorance. It will take nothing less than education and hardwork to end poverty and create wealth at household levels,’ Nawakwi said.

She reiterated  her call to Government to immediately  re-open UNZA and CBU and take decisive corrective measures to improve the quality of education in Zambia.

‘To the student body, we wish to strongly advise them that while they reserve the right to protest, they should desist from the tendency of damaging innocent people’s property because that is criminal and counterproductive,’ she said.

Nawakwi also condemned  the barbaric behaviour by the Zambia Police Force who broke doors and windows, teargassed students right in their rooms and mercilessly beat them.

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