Lungu is a danger to Zambia

Dear Editor,
Please allow me space to express my utter disgust at the way the President is leading the country to destruction – Fast & Furious.
There is a complete breakdown of law and order in the country and Zambia is now edging towards a failed state.
Lungu needs to realize that there were Presidents before him like KK who were strong and powerful. He introduced vigilantes and intimidated the people but Zambians decisively kicked him out of power. Chiluba tried his luck to dribble the country into a third term and the people said no to his treachery.KK, Chiluba, Rupiah all tried to close the Post but they failed.
Zambia has sailed through that part of irresponsible leadership that intimidates, destroys and kills.
That is cowardice, it is myopic, it is stupidity and it is childish. He swore to protect the constitution and yet his cadres are shedding innocent blood of fellow Zambians just because of the insatiable appetite to remain in power.
Remaining in power should be on account of hard work and results that all appreciate and see. He was given an opportunity by the Zambians to run the country in January but decided to go and party and drink with a childish team like Kaizer, Amos, Kambwili and Chama et al instead of working and now with the threat of loss to UPND, his options are zero and hopes he can push back his way by rigging and violence.
In this irresponsible and selfish behavior with the only goal to remain a president, he is dragging the army into partisan politics, dragged the police to unprofessional behavior, he is turning brother against brother for shinny things of silver.
Madam Wina should remember that, this is not the kind of Zambia her husband Arthur Wina fought for .
Her husband must be turning in his grave that she can associate herself with such a very irresponsible regime that essentially reverses all the things that these noble men stood for.
Lungu is clearly very bad for the country, he is an irresponsible and dangerous leader that should not be allowed to have the top job.
Calling on all Zambians – PF included to say NO to danger, violence and divisiveness perpetrated by President Lungu.
All must realise that, first before party affiliation, we are Zambians and that calls for us to hold our leaders regardless of party accountable.
We only have one country and we have a duty to make it safe, progressive and prosperous.
We should say NO to irresponsible and dangerous leaders.
For President Lungu, he must remember the lessons ably taught by KK in his writings and speeches – He who kills by a sword will die by the same sword….

Concerned Citizen

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