Lungu is a defeated person

By Mbinji mufalo
End year reflections

The issues we always seek not to dance to. Instead, we always dance sipelu to why others are richer than us, why I am ugly.

Really miss the sipelu dance from Civil society organisations many moons ago. Now most of these organisations want us to believe we should dance sipelu over trivialities. Please, we refuse to be tombstones in the graveyard of hope. Most of you are just waiting to wet your beaks in the droppings from the famed gods. Sic.

So say what on such rat issues?

“It seems our President doesn’t understand how he can use his powers to inspire a countrywide fight against corruption. He has ran out of things to say about how corruption can be fought, hence his declaration that no political party will end corruption. Because his system has failed, President Lungu feels no other system will ever work. Now, how is the international community and donor agencies supposed to feel with such a defeated statement from a Head of State?”

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