Lungu is a serious hypocrite

I concur with Chisha who observed that Edgar Lungu should take his dictatorship to his village. Yesterday he was ordering the police to arrest UPND MPs for demanding the release of Hikainde. Now this is the same person who was saying at the same event that he can’t interfere with the work of the police in relation to HH.
So he can order the police to arrest someone but when they arrest that person, he sees separation of powers and cant interfere?
Take it easy aLungu. You will soon regret. Mark my words. We have seen these things
This is what he said in Mpulungu:
“So I will say it to the Zambians that I will not allow these UPND MPs who are meeting in Lusaka and saying ‘let’s make it difficult for Lungu to govern’. The police are here and they will deal with them, the courts are here, they will deal with them. I want to show you that when you voted for PF, you voted for peace, you voted for development. I will also show you that when you voted for PF, you didn’t vote for a coward.”

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