Lungu is clueless on how to run country – Nawakwi

Lungu is clueless on how to run country – Nawakwi


FDD President Edith Nawakwi has charged that Republican President Edgar Lungu needs Bana Chimbusa to train him how to run the country.

Addressing a public meeting at Kapaka village in Bangweulu Constituency were she is on a campaign trail for the party candidate Robby Mwansa, the opposition leader said President Lungu was a novice in terms of governance hence the need for some people with experience in governance to train him on how he should run the country.

“The PF in Lusaka are saying they should find Bana Chimbusa for me because I have been talking a lot, you should tell them to find Bana Chimbusa to train ba Lungu on how to run the country.

Ba Lungu should be trained how to run the country because he has no idea, he is blank and does not understand anything about governing people. The way your President is governing our country is not the way you run the country.

Ever since he was elected President he is always flying from one country to another, in six months he has visited more countries then Dr. Kaunda who was President for 27 years. It’s like he does not believe that he is the one flying in the Presidential Challenger, its too good to be true but he should remember that he was elected to run our country’s affairs not to be a tourist.

Recently he went to South Africa for the AU meeting with other heads of states from across Africa after the meeting finished all his friends went back to their countries but he remained in South Africa for 8 more days as if that was not enough he comes back to Zambia and the following day he was out again Mozambique was the destination before he could be briefed on what is happening in the country out he went this time Malawi and as we are speaking he has just came back from Uganda that is not how you run the country.

What the Minister of Defence (President Lungu) is suppose to do is visit people like you who voted for him to know what your challenges are. You put him in that office to look after you not for him to be flying around like a Pungwa (a bird which spends time flying in search of food),” Ms. Nawakwi said.

She further noted that because President Lungu is clueless the country has continued to incur debt at an alarming rate something she said will have an adverse effect of future generations.

“This President and his Government have no clue on how to manage our economic all they know is Kaloba emobwawachela. This Government is jeopardizing the future of our children with their reckless Kaloba, just last week he got another kaloba. These people have incurred more debt in 3 years then UNIP did in 27 years and they have nothing to show for it. You cannot have a President presiding over such economic blunders and he does not show concern,” she said.

“The country’s economy is collapsing and the President is busy flying around an indication that the person you put in that office does not understand the magnitude of the task at hand.

She added ” what is happening in the country should be lesson to voters, you start scrutinizing people you elect to these important offices.”

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