Lungu is evil and his time of reckoning is coming – PF cadre

Lungu is evil and his time of reckoning is coming – PF cadre


By Starford Chanda Chashi

~The Expulsion Of Kambwili.~

The Traits Of Evil:-
– If Lungu was indeed a humble child of God, he would have brought peace in the Nation.
– If Lungu was indeed a God fearing man, he didn’t need the Bishops to meet him for reconciliation.
– If Lungu was indeed the man that reads the Bible (according to uploaded photos), he would have forgiven Kambwili no matter what CK did.
– If Lungu was indeed a good leader (chosen by God), he would have united our party PF.

I have never liked Lungu because he has never given me a reason to.
If my heart repels against liking someone, then something is not right.
Lungu is a hypocrite who manipulates Zambians into thinking he is a humble man that reads the Bible in front of journalists with cameras so they could take photos and publish in newspapers.
A man of God brings people together not chase them away so that he can pave his own way into 2021.
Those are the traits of evil people who have no heart for others but harbour deep dark selfishness in them.
Where there is a light of God, people are happy and there is unity.
But where there is darkness, there is always confusions and divisions.

Lungu’s time of reckoning will come. For this reason, Kambwili should not form his own party or go anywhere.
Lungu is aware Zambians love PF which is why he keeps toying with our emotions knowing we are not going anywhere but remain in PF.
He also knows there is no strong opposition party to throw him down even if PF divides. He is really toying with our emotions.
But the GOOD NEWS is that, the God we worship is a true God that never sleeps but answers to His childrens’ prayers in His own time.
As PF, let’s remain strong and resolute. Lungu can’t make us dump our beloved PF.
It was a huge mistake we made on allowing Lungu to take over. But since we made a fundamental mistake, we need to live with it and continue to fight for our party.

With this kind of evil heart, I see HH dying in jail…..Or they will release him when he is very weak so he can die from outside.
Then you will continue to look like fools and continue saying it’s not Lungu but the law.


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