Lungu is humble so he is Zambian

Lungu is humble so he is Zambian

Failed football administrator SImata SImata says president Edgar Lungu is a Zambian because he is humble and intelligent.

Simata who is facing divorce due to irresponsible behaviour claims that he was Lungu’s classmate.

Simata’s comments comes in the wake of President Lungu’s failure to prove that he is Zambian. Lungu has so far failed to show his parents, uncles or siblings or birth records to prove that he is Zambian. In previous interviews, he claimed that he was born at Ndola general hospital but it has been proved that the hospital was established 4 years after Lungu’ stated date of birth.

Instead of showing the country his parents, Lungu is now hiring people he met later in life when according to his challengers, he had already migrated from Malawi and conducted an identity theft of the real Edgar Lungu. For example, proving that Lungu went to Mukuba or Unza does not prove that he is a Zambian. There are so many foreigners even today in these institutions.

One of the people hired by Lungu is Simata.

SImata once worked for Finance bank but was fired for misconduct. He has tried to run different football clubs but none has been successful except on paper and in the news. He was recently fired from his job.

Due to his quarrelsome and contentious nature, he has failed to work with other football administrations at football house.

And people close to Simata say he actually needs urgent professional help as he could be deranged.

Simata is often found at Arcades Shopping ma asking for change from shoppers.

Now deranged and broke Simataa says he Lungu where school mates at Mukuba Secondary School in Kitwe.

Simataclsine that he met Lungu at Mukuba Secondary School in 1974. Simata further says the two later met as students at the University of Zambia.

‘His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu was a prefect and I mean our prefect at the time, he is a Chimwemwe Product, he was my senior and I want to state here that he was very well known figure not because he was rich or poor, no, he was well known because he was exceptionally intelligent and among the few students that Mukuba produced that went to Unza with Six points.

At Unza he was my senior he was exceptionally intelligent and brilliant, State Counsel Wynter Kabimba can testify to this.

This man is a very humble man and he is like that, he has been like that, he was among the few graduates from Unza who got straight enrolled from Ziale to the Banking World Barclays Bank under the legal department before that the President worked under legal Aid under the supervision of the current chief justice Ireen Mambililima. His history is traceable, we knew his Mother Amai Jere, she was a Marketeer. Those who are peddling lies unfortunately they don’t have any idea about the man. Not all Zambians can be born in UTH.

People like Mike are the ones with untraceable background, we don’t know their primary schools, their secondary school, they were not prefects or students at ant college say Evelyn Hone or NIPA, they have acquired their degrees online in old age. Mike himself has no traceable history.

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