Lungu is not humble


Out Going President Edgar Chagwa Lungu is not a humble man. He is a silent crooked drunkard and without a vision. Lungu is so cruel that he is ready to kill for him to stay in power.

Here are some actions Lungu has taken by commission or ommission to prove that he is a cruel man are:

1-Lungu never commented on the commencement of ritual killings in Zambia. Even when the escalated henius crime continued in the land, president Lungu was silent. Ritual murders of innocent Zambians as the head of state continued his habits of drinking without concern.

2-Lungu has never made a public statement to console the Zambians over the young lady who was stripped naked in public on youth day. The young lady who went marching to celebrate the youth day, was stripped naked by known PF cadres, in day broad light and in full view of another cruel woman, the vice president madam Inonge Wina (what a shame on our mother). How can the youths then trust Lungu? How can the young ladies even think of giving lungu a vote on August 11, 2016?

3-Lungu as head of state has remained silent on the incident involving journalists who have been brutalized by his political party. While several cases exist, the worst one was where a Post Journalist was abused by cadres to the extent of urinating in his mouth. How inhuman can the president and he PF cadres be?

4-Lungu has not made a statement either to assure or console the Zambian people on the current high cost of living. Instead he has authorised the export of more maize partly causing the mealie meal shortages in the country. Lungu does not care about this. He has not uttered a word at all.

5-Lungu has been told in very clear terms that he cannot win the forth coming elections. He also knows that there is no where in Zambia he now pulls a crowd. But Lungu has manufactured several schemes to rig the election. He’s been seeking audience with some foreigners to help him rig the elections. This is an indictment on Lungu . He should not be allowed to force his way against the will of the people.

6-Lungu has taken back zambia to highly indebtedness status. He through the archaic economist Alexernder Bwalya Chikwanda has forced the country to borrow unreasonably. Sadly much of the borrowed funds are being siphoned left right and centre fromnthe treasury.

Sadly the former president RB has not been helpful either. He too seems to be working in the background to perpetuate a visionless leadership of Lungu.

The Out going president ECL has taken a deliberate position to remain seemingly oblivious to even the few incidences affecting Zambians. He is hoodwinking people through his fake disposition of humbleness. How insensitive can the leader of a christisn nation be? And yet Lungu is nipping from church to church preaching peace when he cannot condemn the obvious inhumane violent actions taken by known people. He instead applies so much force on the opposition to the extent of arresting some for walking and/or using basic English idioms.

So Lungu is simply not humble. Behind that fake disposition is a serious uncaring individual with a conscious and with no regard to anyone opposing him. Lungu is careless and dangerous for Zambia.

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