Lungu is not serious, let put HH – Chomba

Lungu is not serious, let put HH – Chomba


UPPZ Mandevu Constituency chairman Christopher Chomba says it is now clear that President Edgar Lungu is not serious in fighting corruption.
In a statement, Chomba stated that the rejection of the proposed lifestyle audit by the government was a sign that President Lungu was not willing to fight the vice in his government.

“It is now clear that Edgar Lungu is not serious in the fight against this deadly cancer called corruption evidenced by the way the Head of State comes out in regards issues relating to financial mismanagement and corrupt activities involving his ministers and other top government officials. Not too long ago, in fact on Friday last week, the Republican Vice-President, Her Honour madam Inonge Mutakwa Wina, openly and clearly disagreed with the proposed lifestyle audit on all ministers and other government official,” he stated

“So one wonders why this proposed lifestyle audit on the said officials can be rejected by such a high ranking person of madam Wina’s status. What is it that the Vice-President is scared of if indeed Lungu’s government is of clean people? I challenge her to come out in person and tell the Zambian people the reasons why the lifestyle audit on ministers cannot be conducted.”
Chomba stated that President Lungu was doing contrary to what his predecessor was doing.

“Edgar Lungu promised the Zambian people that he would carry on with what late president Sata stood for but the opposite is what we are now seeing apart from infrastructure development. I say so because if President Sata was alive, suspected corrupt people would not be in such high ranking government positions, not even at market chairlady position. So this clearly shows how insincere President Edgar Lungu in his fight against corruption. President Rupiah Banda’s regime, Dora Siliya did suspectedly engage in wrongdoing regarding the awarding of the Kenneth Kanda International Airport (KKIA) radar contract. But today Dora’s issue is no longer talked about,” he stated.

Chomba stated that the PF was only interested in fighting perceived political enemies.
“All they know is witch hunting on those perceived to be personal or political enemies of Edgar Lungu and the PF. Look at how Kampyongo acted on an innocent citizen, Dr Fred M’membe! The police wrongly raided Dr M’membe’s house and in the process, Dr M’membe was damaged which undoubtedly Kampyongo’s officers must be held responsible. We don’t want this kind of nonsense in our democratic Christian nation. If you have run out of ideas, please pack your corrupt bags and leave governance system to clean, honest people,” he stated
Chomba stated that once in power, his party would ensure Kampyongo accounts for his wrongdoings currently being perpetrated by the police.
“It’s not too far from now when we will commence criminal proceedings against you and the PF. In fact, in my own view and thinking, it would be better if we all, the opposition can field a popular presidential candidate like his honour president Hakainde Hichilema so that we can easily remove the corrupt PF regime in the 2021 general elections,” said Chomba.

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    Temwa Banda 2 weeks ago

    Thank you very much. Break news and MM, for your enlightened article. These idiots, don’t understand what lays under the forest. Chagwa has destroyed everything, and if not checked properly, the whole Zambia, will be destroyed better not to vote for hi 2021

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      Facts 2 weeks ago

      It’s Idiots like you who don’t see how much President Lungu has put in to save the country from the Global harsh Economic Environment. Mostly you are the people who eat too much like Pigs and don’t think about tomorrow. Fool!!!

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    Musumali Liyunga 2 weeks ago

    One simple fact that I wish to tell Zambians because I know rom the depth ofmy heart that the so called do not mind stealing and corruption. In one Zambian languages those that still are praise and called Baume. The simple truth however is that as long as those in leadership of the country are there to make themselves rich from taxpayers money, Zambia is condemned to poverty. No wonder we are being taken by some small countries that have no mineral resources like Tanzania, Malawi and Mozambique.

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    Certainly, the current President is not serious on matters of corruption. This is what is going to make him lose the next election. Even PF members are now resolved to replace the incumbent with the leader of the largest opposition party. After all, he is the person the PF fear the most and would probably be the best to make current leaders account for their misdeeds in office. I can assure you that there will be gnashing of teeth after the 2021 elections on the part of the PF. They have made it much easier for Mr. Hichilema to win. They will probably realise their mistakes when they lose power and the person they fear the most takes over and makes them account.

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      Break News 2 weeks ago

      Do you remember March 21, 2018 
      Some Lusaka residents under the Chalimbana River Headwaters Conservation Trust have petitioned President Edgar Lungu over fears that developments on one of the few aquifers in Lusaka will lead to the depletion of groundwater resources in the capital city.
      Kingsland City located adjacent to Zambia Air Force Twin Palm Base along Twin Palm Road is being developed via a public private partnership between government through ZAF, and three developers, namely; Datong Construction, Drimtown Investments, and Shangria Investments for facility concessions ranging from 20 to 28 years.
      Kingsland City, set on 583 hectares of land, will have mixed-use facilities such as hotels, a world class university, conference center, housing, sports complex, amusement park, vehicle service stations, shopping malls, golf course, and ZAF Academy and Messes among others.
      The project is estimated at US$1.4 billion.
      During construction phase, over 2, 000 jobs will be created.
      But residents of Lusaka’s Chalimbana area have petitioned President Lungu to immediately stop the development as it is encroaching on a Forest Reserve No. 27 which is the source of the main recharge area for the Chalimbana River system.
      They contended that the Chalimbana River system is critical to the socio-economic livelihood of the Chongwe and Chalimbana river catchment area.
      The residents have since asked President Lungu to take measures to protect and conserve Lusaka East Forest Reserve No. 27 by ordering the immediate stop to the illegal construction of Kingsland City Project by ZAF.
      They have also petitioned President Lungu to cancel and reserve Statutory Instrument No. 62 of 2017 altering the boundaries of Lusaka East Forest Reserve No. 27.
      The residents also want President Lungu to order the immediate stop to further additional developments within the boundaries of Local Forest No. 27 Lusaka East as defined in SI No. 161 of 1996.
      The petition to President Lungu follows a letter the residents had written to Attorney General Likando Kalaluka last September threatening to sue government for encroaching on a forest reserve where the Zambia Air Force has built staff houses and another developer is turning the land into an affluent suburb.
      In a letter addressed to the Attorney General and the Commissioner of Lands and dated September 12, 2017, H.H Ndhlovu and Company stated that their clients, Chalimbana River Headwaters Trust, were shocked that the construction of Kingsland project had begun without an approved environmental assessment.
      “The area where the Zambia Air Force houses have been constructed on Twin Palm Road, as well as the location of the recently commenced Kingsland City Project, also on Twin Palm Road is within the Local Forest Reserve No. 27 and there is no record of any legal process that has been undertaken to degazette that forest and change its land use. The Kingsland project as you are aware is a huge project involving multi-purpose activities including housing, hospital, school and various other social and recreational activities. It is further alarming to note that the Kingsland Project has commenced without an approved environmental assessment as required under the Environmental Management Act of 2011 and it is therefore illegal,” H.H Ndhlovu and Company stated.
      “The community has thereby been denied the right to participate in environmental decision making as required by law. The activities currently taking place are not only a breach of Zambia’s commitments to regional protocols but also pose a danger to the integrity of the Chalimbana Catchment area and the entire local ecosystem. The result of the activities will lead to irreparable damage to the local environment and the Chalimbana River and its tributaries and is a complete abrogation of the intended purpose for protection of the forest by law. As it stands now, the Chalimbana River has already been contaminated by sewage from the ZAF Twin Palm housing estate. This causes a grave risk of dysentery, typhoid, cholera and other communicable diseases to the riparian community along Chalimbana River and especially the people of Chieftainess Nkomeshya’s area.”
      The law firm stated that its clients were shocked by the activities which were going on in the forest.
      “The brief history of the local forest is that it was gazzetted as a local forest in order to use it exclusively for conservation so that the land is protected and to protect water supplies in the local area. Studies have also shown that Local Forest Reserve No. 27 is a recharge area for the Chalimbana River and its tributaries and as such is a very important forest. Further, the forest is located within the Lower Zambezi River Basin which is covered under the SADC and Zambezi River Commission protocols to which Zambia is a party. In addition, Zambia under its commitments to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) Paris Agreement under its Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) has been using forests including Forest Reserve 27 to sequester the emission of greenhouse gasses. This was even referred to by President Edgar Lungu when he addressed the United Nations Secretariat in September last year. Our clients have therefore been perturbed at the activities that are taking place in the local forest,” read the letter.
      “You may wish to know that in 1983 the forest degazetted to be used for munitions training by the defence forces. However, the local community noticed that there was almost total destruction of the forest as a result of encroachment and deforestation taking place due to the degazetting. The small holder farmers and residents organized and signed a petition demanding that the President re-gazette the forest reserve so that it could be saved from destruction. It should be noted that a total of over 2,500 petitioners throughout the Chalimbana River Catchment Area signed the petition. The petitioners gave very clear reasons why they were petitioning. Then President [Fredrick] Chiluba listened to the demands and reasons given by the petitioners and the local community. The President, through his Minister of Environment and Natural Resources Hon William Harrington ordered the re-gazetting of Local Forest Reserve No. 27 by Statutory Instrument No. 196 of 1996. We are advised by our clients that the local community, local small holder farmers and the environmental civil society organizations had even resorted to a costly public interest litigation which ended up in the Supreme Court in order to save the forest.”
      H.H Ndhlovu and Company also stated that the Chalimbana community was shocked to learn that government had published a statutory instrument which aimed to reduce the boundaries of the forest.
      “It is also important to note that Forest Reserve No 27 is one of the only two remaining open green spaces in Lusaka for Education, heritage and its invaluable ecosystem services as shown in the studies that have been made. The above being the case our clients have been alarmed to discover that in addition to the illegal activities already taking place in the local forest, government has now promulgated Statutory Instrument No. 62 of 2017, the aim of which is to further reduce the area of the Forest Reserve No. 27. This alteration will consequently reduce the effectiveness of the original purpose of the said forest reserve which has been fought for by the local community, shareholder farmers and all those concerned with the protection of our environment,” read the letter.
      The law firm stated that it had instructions to begin legal proceedings if all developmental activities currently and intended to be undertaken were not halted.
      “Our instructions are to request government to stop all developmental activities currently and intended to be undertaken in the forest. The Chalimbana River Headwaters Conservation Trust has submitted an application to the Forest Department for Community Forest management of Local Forest Reserve No. 27 pursuant to Section 29(1)(c) and (4) of the Forest Act 2015. The Forest Department has since acknowledged receipt of the Trust’s application confirming that modalities for the setting up of the forest management committees is being worked on further to which the committee will be established. Our clients instructions are that should the current and planned destruction of Local Forest No. 27 proceed beyond the next four days, then our further instructions are to commence action in the courts of law,” read the letter.

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    The starting point for this demand on auditing ministers is the law requiring an office bearer to declare assets and liabilities upon entering the office. While I have heard office bearers declaring assets and liabilities on entering the office, I have never heard of the same when they are leaving the office. In my view, it will make sense to have a system whereby declared assets and liabilities upon entering the office ais subject to an independent firm of auditors to verify the authenticity of the declaration. At the point of exit from the office, the same procedure should follow. This is important for the purpose of checking possible excesses during the tenure of office of an individual. The additional acquisition of assets and liabilities should be checked against emoluments, advances of salaries, bank loans, terminal benefits, etc during the period of tour of office. In the event that an individual fails to account for additional acquisitions during service, a convincing explanation should be presented as to how additional acquisitions came about.

    My suggestion is for well-meaning members of Parliament to demand the amendment of the law on declaration of assets and liabilities so that leaders of all shades in the public service are made to account for unexplained excess acquisitions.