Lungu is not serious, let put HH – Chomba

Lungu is not serious, let put HH – Chomba


UPPZ Mandevu Constituency chairman Christopher Chomba says it is now clear that President Edgar Lungu is not serious in fighting corruption.
In a statement, Chomba stated that the rejection of the proposed lifestyle audit by the government was a sign that President Lungu was not willing to fight the vice in his government.

“It is now clear that Edgar Lungu is not serious in the fight against this deadly cancer called corruption evidenced by the way the Head of State comes out in regards issues relating to financial mismanagement and corrupt activities involving his ministers and other top government officials. Not too long ago, in fact on Friday last week, the Republican Vice-President, Her Honour madam Inonge Mutakwa Wina, openly and clearly disagreed with the proposed lifestyle audit on all ministers and other government official,” he stated

“So one wonders why this proposed lifestyle audit on the said officials can be rejected by such a high ranking person of madam Wina’s status. What is it that the Vice-President is scared of if indeed Lungu’s government is of clean people? I challenge her to come out in person and tell the Zambian people the reasons why the lifestyle audit on ministers cannot be conducted.”
Chomba stated that President Lungu was doing contrary to what his predecessor was doing.

“Edgar Lungu promised the Zambian people that he would carry on with what late president Sata stood for but the opposite is what we are now seeing apart from infrastructure development. I say so because if President Sata was alive, suspected corrupt people would not be in such high ranking government positions, not even at market chairlady position. So this clearly shows how insincere President Edgar Lungu in his fight against corruption. President Rupiah Banda’s regime, Dora Siliya did suspectedly engage in wrongdoing regarding the awarding of the Kenneth Kanda International Airport (KKIA) radar contract. But today Dora’s issue is no longer talked about,” he stated.

Chomba stated that the PF was only interested in fighting perceived political enemies.
“All they know is witch hunting on those perceived to be personal or political enemies of Edgar Lungu and the PF. Look at how Kampyongo acted on an innocent citizen, Dr Fred M’membe! The police wrongly raided Dr M’membe’s house and in the process, Dr M’membe was damaged which undoubtedly Kampyongo’s officers must be held responsible. We don’t want this kind of nonsense in our democratic Christian nation. If you have run out of ideas, please pack your corrupt bags and leave governance system to clean, honest people,” he stated
Chomba stated that once in power, his party would ensure Kampyongo accounts for his wrongdoings currently being perpetrated by the police.
“It’s not too far from now when we will commence criminal proceedings against you and the PF. In fact, in my own view and thinking, it would be better if we all, the opposition can field a popular presidential candidate like his honour president Hakainde Hichilema so that we can easily remove the corrupt PF regime in the 2021 general elections,” said Chomba.

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