Lungu is surrounded by wolves not friend

Lungu is surrounded by wolves not friend


Without doubt, the country faces a tripod political delta of North, South and Eastern.

The PF Central Committee used emotions instead of political logic. The PF is undoubtedly a very undemocratic and dictatorial party in practice.

Dont the PF see how South Africa’s ANC denounce and talk about President Jacob Zuma? They openly sit to say Zuma must go. Have you ever heard Zuma say you are expelled? That is democracy.

The conduct of the ruling party directly affects governance. I have no doubt that PF has entrenched itself into dictatorship.

The PF constitution is dictatorial by design. The PF President has single powers to do as he wishes. The Central Committee can expel anyone without reference to the disciplinary committee – thats a dictatorial policy of tyrants, doesn’t fit in a democracy.

With CK out of PF, Zambia faces Eastern, Southern and Northern blocks.

CK is loved on Copperblet and cherished by the Jetabos. HH is loved in Southern province whilst Lungu is a darling of the Eastern province.

As for CK, am sure he had prepared well for this time so nothing surprising. As small king cobra, CK would launch his 2021 presidential bid now and will campaign day and night.

As for me, I don’t think CK is material for State House. His thinking too, is highly reppressive and pungently dictatorial. But he knows how to look after his mass of followers, no doubt. He is like GBM on that score.

Going forward, the political world for PF has been reduced with the expulsion of CK.

Am not sure what crime CK committed. The corrupt activities we hear have not been proved.

What I know is that PF used CK to help ganner votes in Copperbelt and Northern provinces. Now those provinces will be hard for PF. Worse still when you bring in Mwenya Musenge in the picture.

President Lungu doesn’t have politicians on his side, he has selfish childish jealous chewers who are scared of losing their baits. Sadly, President Lungu doesn’t have real true friends, he has opportunists who don’t care about him.

Politics is an embracibg game. It’s not an exclusive club. The problem in PF now is that the Cartel has becone centralised and bigger. There is no dissenting views accepted.

I can surely see that for 2021 all the myriad political groups will band together and deal with PF – whatever format that shall be, a common ground shall be to kick out the PF. That is what is known as unity of purpose.

It was done in 1991 where drug lords, trade unions and ordinary citizens rose up to deal with KK and his ductatorial UNIP. That repeated in 2011 to kick out then dictatorial ruling MMD.

It appears ruling parties get drung with arrigance of power. If the PF continues on this path, they should realise that Zambians have always overcome dictatorial regimes with ease.

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