Lungu is troubled – GBM

Lungu is troubled – GBM

12803200_1051632058252282_3251211057758861168_nEDGAR Lungu is troubled and I don’t think he is enjoying the Jameson because his days in State House are running out, says Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba. And GBM has challenged President Lungu, Davies Chama and Richwell Siamunene to produce their grade 12 certificates if at all they have them.

Speaking on Joy FM Radio’s Burning Issue programme at his residence on Thursday, GBM reiterated that the PF was a failed government and that the rising mealie-meal prices as well as shortages of other essential commodities had put both the Head of State and the ruling party in big trouble.

“I tell you they are in trouble. The PF is in trouble and Lungu is also troubled. I don’t think they are even drinking their Jameson; they are in big trouble because they know that their days are running out. And they are asking to be given a fresh mandate to rule; from who?” GBM wondered. “They think Zambians are foolish, Zambians are not foolish. Zambians are very intelligent people, they will show Edgar Lungu and his PF come August 11. In fact, by 12th August, they will have political diarrhoea.

They should just buy a lot of Imodium, because every one of them will have a very severe diarrhoea, they will get a shock of their lives.” He wondered why President Lungu had allowed millers to sell a 25 kilogramme bag of mealie-meal between K120 and K150 when the country recorded a good harvest last farming season. “The PF is a failed government; they have destroyed this country in a very, very short time because they don’t even know why they are in State House.

Edgar Lungu is not a politician because he can’t read in between the lines. We would have advised our colleague Edgar Chagwa Lungu that this is what should be done, but unfortunately, he is surrounded by people who think they know it all when they have no idea how to run government,” GBM said. “In Livingstone, in Chirundu, in Chipata, all the areas they think that smuggling is taking place, they have deployed these Zambia National Service personnel. ZNS personnel are not paid to stop people from doing business. The government made a mistake by exporting maize to neighbouring countries, the situation we are in [of mealie-meal shortages and hiked prices] today would have not been there.”

He advised Zambians to vote out the PF in August and give chance to a new political party to govern. “Zambians have resolved, they are changing this regime, this inept government, this failed government. People of Zambia are so clever, they don’t talk but you see from their actions. Look at what happened in 1991? Kaunda got a rude shock of his life. Came 2011 when I was strongman for PF, the people of Zambia ejected MMD,” GBM said. “Zambians are now going to vote for the UPND. They need fresh blood, they need an economist, they need people that have actually survived. They need people who have weathered the storm; who will be able to look after Zambia, look after their stomachs, reduce the price of mealie-meal, reduce the price of all the commodities.”

And GBM challenged President Lungu, Chama and Siamunene to produce their grade 12 certificates for Zambians to see if at all they had them. “That grade 12 clause the PF introduced was mainly meant for me. They thought I didn’t have a grade 12 certificate so that they can fix me, but surprising enough, it has fixed the PF themselves.

In fact, I would like to see Edgar’s certificate also, his grade 12 certificate, let us see what type of results he got. Let us see, let him display it to the people of Zambia,” said GBM. “We want to see the certificate of Chama, Siamunene and the few others in PF. Let us see their certificates because we have been reliably informed that now, they are busy going to ECZ. Once we discover that their certificates are fake, fake results, we shall have them arrested also like [Stephen] Masumba was arrested.”

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