Lungu justifies killing of opposition members, claims his heart is heavy

Lungu justifies killing of opposition members, claims his heart is heavy

Reacting to the shooting to death of unarmed opposition opposition supporters who were going to a rally on Friday, Frail dictator Edgar Lungu says police will take ‘stern action’ against against anyone perpetrating to this violence.

This is a veiled order to the police to kill even more. Obviously Lungu cannot say in public that the police should shoot to kill, but to tell the police to take ‘stern action’ just after killing people is the same thing as justifying the killing and telling police that ‘well done’.

Instead of ordering the police to stop murdering people with opposing political views, Lungu took the opportunity to indulge in hypocrisy and claim that he walks with God.

It is Lungu who is ordering the police and PF thugs to kill citizens in order to instil fear in voters, but Lungu is trying to say that by going to attend a rally, the opposition are instilling fear in citizens. Is Lungu really normal?

Below is his statement:
MY heart is heavy. I first and foremost want to express my deepest sorrow to the family and friends of those who lost a life and were injured in the violence today.
50 years ago we fought hard to bring independence, peace and democracy to our nation.
For 50 years our nation has lived with peace, stability and freedom.
There is no place for this type of violence in our society. I take a firm stance against any sort of violence in our democracy.
Zambians know the kind of leader that I am, and that I am a man of faith that walks with God.
I live my life and lead this country with Christian values.
In a Christian nation our brother and sisters can never turn to this sort of violence.
We cannot let ourselves be led into a crisis by those who wish to instill fear into the hearts of many in hopes of gaining power and control.
We are a blessed nation and cannot afford to lose order and take steps back in the progress we have made. I feel for mother Zambia.
I pray for peace for all my people, across all provinces.
The people of Zambia shall know peace and this shall not escalate further. We will not be led by fear.
I call for unity, and end to the violence.
Police will take stern action against anyone perpetrating to this violence.
I have faith that the lines of inquiry police have opened will lead to arrest of the culprits.

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