Lungu, Kalaba travel to meet Mugabe for funding, rigging formula

Lungu, Kalaba travel to meet Mugabe for funding, rigging formula

Mugabe appearing to be dozing at Sata's funeral

Mugabe appearing to be dozing at Sata’s funeral

PF presidential candidate Edgar Lungu and Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba this (Wednesday) afternoon left for Zimbabwe to meet the ailing Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe for campaign money and rigging formula, the Zambian Watchdog can reveal and challenge.

Apparently Lungu and Kalaba left without even telling Acting president Guy Scott because Mugabe hates whites like Scott, but he (Mugabe) would like Sata’s legacy of human rights abuses to continue.

Lungu and Kalaba left Wednesday  afternoon from Kenneth Kaunda International Airport using a chartered plane paid by the Zimbabwean government soon after the Electoral Commission of Zambia meeting.

Sources from within the PF government say the mission was to receive money and other campaign resources from the Zimbabwean dictator.

The Zambian Watchdog challenges Lungu and Kalaba to deny this information as the flight charter details are all available.

“Part of the mission will be to meet some Zimbabwean and international election rigging experts that Mugabe has been using over the years. As you know, PF is basically Mugabe’s baby and he was the only president who visited Sata when he was alive. Mugabe was so far impressed with the deteriorating human rights situation in Zambia under the PF and Lungu has so far promised to keep Sata’s legacy. That’s why you hear Lungu saying he has no vision of his own other than that of the late president,” OP sources have disclosed to the Zambianwatchdog a short while ago.

Sources say Guy Scott as Acting president is not even aware of this trip, since he delegates and still supervises all ministers, including Lungu.

It will be interesting to hear what PF NGOs like the Zambian Voice’s Chilufya Tayali will have to say about Mugabe funding the PF and Lungu.

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