Lungu, Kalaluka, Mutati, Zulu share $29 m purportedly paid to Lapgreen

Lungu, Kalaluka, Mutati, Zulu share $29 m purportedly paid to Lapgreen

US $29 million from the US $49 million siphoned from the Zambian treasury to pay a bogus Libyan company has been shared by Edgar Lungu, former finance minister Felix Mutati, attorney general Likando Kalaluka and welllnown conman Robison Zulu.

Meanwhile, a question of morality and good corporate governance has been raised on Meanwood Group of Companies proprietor Robinson Zulu.

Ministry of Finance contacts say the Financial Intelligence Centre has yet to be verified  data that out of the US49 million that the Zambian government paid Lapgreen a non existent company in Libya, US29 million was transfered back from a Barclays Bank account in Mauritius to accounts in Zambia. Traces show that US 9 million was transfered to an account at Indo Zambia suspected to be owned by Edgar Lungu, US5 million transfered to an account in the United Kingdom suspected to be owned by Robinson Zulu, US5million to an account held at FNB in Lusaka suspected to be owned by Felix Mutati and US5 million to another account at Barclays Bank Elunda Park in Lusaka owned by Likando Kalaluka the Attorney General of the Republic of Zambia and US 5 million that is being linked to a number of lawyers including Lusaka Lawyer Lewis Mosho. “We are still investigating but initial investigations indicate that the names indicated above own the accounts,” the source said. The source said another US30 million is in the pipeline of being released to the same crooks. Meanwhile, a moral and ethical question has proped up against Meanwood Group of Companies Chairman Robinson Zulu.

Robinson Zulu is a board member of the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) where Zamtel falls under at the same time he is the debt collector for Lapgreen. ” When we say this country has gone to Dogs we mean just that. The President is the board chairperson for IDC and Zamtel is under IDC. Why should a board member of IDC be a debt collector for Lapgreen? this country is not in good hands. Just imagine, can such a thing happen were Good Corporate Governance is enhanced? Where is the Institute of Directors that promoted corporate governance?,” the source asked.

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