Lungu, Kampyongo involved in Mukula theft

Lungu, Kampyongo involved in Mukula theft


-Remember the shoddy, artificial manner and speed at which City Market Fire was investigated?

– The same has just been done on Impounded Mukula Truck

If you have been looking for a good and clear example that Edgar Lungu, Kaizer Zulu and his minions think Zambians are dull and stupid, then here is one. The impounding of the Mukula ladden trucks by Patriotic Front cadres is one of the clearest. This is classic.

We do not want to belabour explaining what happened. We believe you are aware. Here is how stupid these people who think we are stupid think. 11 trucks impounded by their own cadres and please note 11 trucks and not 9. We insist on the number. Anyway let us continue. The trucks are impounded by well informed cadres. First they are well trailed, the operation looks well financed in terms of Fuel and Booze for the cadres. Zambia National Service is called in and so forth. This was an inside information because of frustration. They have no money. Money is with Lungu and Kaizer. Anyway let us get back. Withing 24 hrs the case is investigated and concluded. The Minister of Home Affairs issues threats to his own cadres whilst he is in his constituency. The Permanent Secretary of Defense briefs the press on the conclusions of investigations. Says legally being exported by Zaffico. The Minister of Lands meanwhile says all confiscated Mukula will be auctioned. Look at these fools. Is this possible? Look at the City market fire, before the fire was extinguished, the cause of the fire was known, investigations launched and concluded and accusations made suspecting the opposition. Everyone questioned the speed. Same with this Mukula issue. The reason is simple. Edgar Lungu and Stephen Kampyongo are involved. However, there is a big internal fight over who controls the Mukula syndicate. There are two groups. One for Lungu and Kaizer and the other for Jean Kapata and her Nigerian Manfriend. Both groups deal with the same Chinese crooks. Some of them were recently made Police big bosses in our own country. You think the PIG (Police Inspector General) could have made that move without Lungu knowing? Kampyongo eats from both teams. So to make it simple, they are setting each other. Jean Kapata is frustrated in PF she wanted to be a running mate to whoever the Paya Farmer (PF) adopts in 2021 but she does not see any light at the end of the tunnel. So she collaborated with Chishimba Kambwili on this one. They both believe they are the real PF.

Those cadres who excuted this idea are all frustrated with the current leadership. So to cover the embarrassment, the Office of the President Special division had to come in to save the face of the President. That is what they are paid for. They manufactured documents to authenticate the deal.

On this one Kaizer Zulu has been beaten 1/0. It’s just like city market story. It’s them but once caught they do Gymnastics.

Zaffico does not export Mukula. It is just used as custodian. Keeping. Not any other thing. There is even no Statutory Instrument to that effect. These are just ba koswe Mumpoto. Caught pants down. ALG 3464 is a State House vehicle. Even the Ford Ranger that had no number plate and no one is talking about is a State House vehicle. We know them. They are THIEVES.

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