Lungu kneels down pleading voters in Senga Hill to vote for Yambayamba

Ailing president Edgar Lungu this morning caused a stir at Mpande grounds during Senga Hill campaigns when he knelt down and passionately called for the electorates to vote for Giles Yambayamba next Tuesday’s Parliamentary bye-elections.

Yambayamba is the opposition UPND candidate while Lungu’s PF candidate is the same recycled former MMD corrupt MP Kapembwa Simbao.

But Lungu went down on his knees and continued pleading for the people of Senga Hill to vote for Yambayamba.

“Mwebantu please napapata pa Tuesday mukavotele ba Yambayamba ebo bakamubombela (Please I beg you to vote for you on Tuesday you vote for Yambayamba as he is the only one who can work for you)”, Lungu told the cheering crowd.

Northern Province Minister Freedom Sikazwe who was with Lungu on the podium tried to whisper to him (Lungu) that the PF candidate was Kapembwa Simbao.

But the crowd shouted back “apopene balanda apalefwaikwa” (what he is saying is what we want). 

It is not clear what concoction Lungu had taken early in the morning in combination with his daily drugs, to make him forget his candidate throughout his campaign speech.

Yesterday, Lungu shocked the crowd and his team when he boasted that he will continue borrowing money in order to develop Zambia.




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