‘Lungu leave HH alone or lead country into chaos’

By: Nalukui Nawa (PhD)

It is utter nonsense that the country has been turned into a Police state by the visionless Edgar Lungu. Lungu issues instructions to the Police at will and gives them orders on who to intimidate or arrest whenever he feels like. Lungu is incompetent and unfit to be President as his leadership is characterised by anger and the foolish approach of wanting to prove his authority at the expense of our young democracy. He now wants to suppress the opposition by directing the Police on HH. Lungu With impunity directed the Police to question HH on his statement that he controls the Zambia Security Intelligence Service (ZSIS).

Is Lungu saying the Zambia Police is incompetent and knows not what they are supposed to do? Yes, Charity Katanga and Stella Libongani are incompetent but is it the entire Police Service? Or is Lungu saying the ZSIS do not trust his leadership to an extent that they have seen competency in HH whom they feel is an inspiring leader worth being entrusted with the Daily Intelligence Reports (DIRs)? We are aware of a parallel intelligence security agency as built by the late Michael Sata, is Lungu saying we now have another within ZSIS that is reporting to HH?

Lungu has since taking power maliciously embarked on rigorous activities to silence HH and if anything to assassinate him. This is the information we receive on a daily basis from Lungu’s allies that don’t agree with his meaningless schemes. And Lungu thinks HH is never briefed about this? HH who only fraudulently lost by a narrow 1.7% commands respect among many high ranking officials in this country and Lungu’s government in particular. HH’s leadership is appreciated by many Zambians including well meaning PF officials and Lungu’s close allies who are at hand briefing us about Lungu’s ill schemes against HH.

Edgar, you are better off doing something else than fighting an enemy that is more organised than you. We as UPND are aware of÷
(a) ZSIS operations to track HH using officers assigned to him that have already identified themselves to him as officers under the Office of the President Special Division ‘N Branch’.

(B) We are aware of ZSIS operations to establish who funds the UPND and so on and so forth.

We are as informed as Lungu and not only HH knows about this but all the connected leadership of UPND. Yes, we are aware of the ‘N Branch’ officers that have whined and dined with us because they have been sent by Lungu but they have ended up informing us of Lungu’s plot to assassinate HH. So is the worth we possess that people volunteer to help us know the evil intentions of our enemies.

Now, is Lungu bitter because his evil schemes are exposed? Is Lungu bitter because HH is now cautious about his movements and life? Is Lungu bitter because his operation to eliminate HH is becoming an impossible task? Is Lungu bitter because the UPND commands allegiance among many well meaning Zambians that want to see Zambia’s democracy flourishing? Or is Lungu bitter because HH is unexpectedly very much aware of all his (Lungu) evil schemes against the UPND?

Lungu must learn to respect the rule of law because he took oath to respect and protect the Zambian constitution. He must learn to respect the independence of the Police and not to behave in such an irresponsible manner of unleashing the Police at whoever he perceives to be his enemy as the case so far has been in the fate of DPP Mutembo Nchito. Lungu’s leadership is so far disgusting and nauseating and surely short of anything to inspire Zambians of a better tomorrow. Lungu is driving Zambia into an authoritarian regime which is uncharacteristic of a legal mind that is expected to be an embodiment of justice, Levy Patrick Mwanawasa, SC (MHSRIEP) demonstrated this rare virtue even when his first term was so challenging.

Lungu is bitter, his rantings and sarcasm testify his bitterness and one wonders why this bitterness? Lungu’s lack of authority because of his fraud election is making him insecure and wants to stamp his authority by way of intimidating the opposition leaders that are perceived to be a threat to his tenure. Lungu lacks confidence in himself and has a self destructive inferiority complex that is making him a dangerous person for Zambia. He cannot just imagine that he is the President of Zambia whilst in his shadow lies HH and Edith Nawakwi, both better than him.

Lungu’s ugly governance is clear manifestation of his new found friendship in authoritarian regimes in Africa- Zimbabwe and Angola!! For Lungu copying leadership from Robert Mugabe and Edwardo Dos Santos is attractive because he wants to silence all divergent views but unfortunately for Lungu this is a different country. Lungu’s lack of vision is already becoming costly to this country; he is concentrating on efforts that he thinks will work to his advantage ahead of the 2016 general elections and forgetting to undertake the voluntary vocation of serving the poor voters who are today suffering the cruelty of the depreciating kwacha against major currencies. Zambia is today sunk in another debt trough by the PF regime and instead of concentrating on the solutions to this Lungu’s cause of concern is HH and his stable UPND. With Chishimba Kambwili at the helm of propaganda, the PF is clueless and wants to erase the voice of the people, the voice of freedom and the voice of true existence!

Lungu has better tasks to apply his energy and not misdirect his bitterness on HH and the UPND. We must sincerely warn Lungu that we shall not allow him to intimidate and let alone harm HH for no apparent reasons. If it means protecting him using whatever means to our disposal, we are more than ready to do that. By the way, the UPND is an institution and we ask of Lungu and his PF to respect this institution which we have built from our sweat and blood. We have the mandate as members and sympathisers of the UPND to respect, support and protect our institution and its leadership!

Lungu, we have the moral, emotional, physical, and material strength to support HH and defy any oppression from you and your oppressive security wings. Lungu and his PF must know that we are not dull like them; we in the UPND have been making ourselves ready for Lungu and his antics especially after we realised his hunger for presidency and how he crushed Dr Guy Scott and everyone opposed to him just all in order to assume leadership of the PF.

Ahead of 2016, Lungu’s true colours are beginning to manifest and in all honest we are sick and tired of the PF’s suppression, oppression, intimidation, and unlawlessness!! Handle us with care Lungu or we explode and make this country ungovernable!! We are ready to be wiped out or crushed like bricks as you put it Lungu but we can assure you that it shall not be without a fight!!

Lungu, for your information in case you forgot we only have one Zambia and let’s us respect one another and compete on ideas and desist from flexing our muscles because the consequences could fatal to our country. Lungu and your PF, a timely warning to you is for you not to underrate the UPND or rather do it at your own peril!!

The Author is a Senior Lecturer, Researcher and Consultant
Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Department of Governance and Politics

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