Lungu links Chikwanda to leakage of US$192 million arms deal

Lungu links Chikwanda to leakage of US$192 million arms deal

unnamed-1President Edgar Lungu, who is also Defence Minister, has linked Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda to the leakage information about the corrupt arms deal involving US$192 million loan from the Chinese government.

And some of the arms security equipment and corrupt donations to the ruling PF from the proceeds of the US$192 million that will be paid by the Zambian public has already started arriving in the country.

Highly placed State House sources have revealed that Lungu suspects Chikwanda is undermining him and leaked the letter to the Post newspaper through the same reporter who once recorded him (Chikwanda) and believed to be his nephew.

Sources revealed that the deal to modernize military equipment is an old idea from the days of late President Levy Mwanawasa but all the presidents, including late Michael Sata, refused to approve it because they saw no need to waste such a huge amount of money when Zambia was not at war, and there were many pressing national issues in the country such as poverty reduction.

The only time the deal was almost approved was the time of  corrupt former president Rupiah Banda. But even Banda put it on hold until the 2011 elections which he thought he would win but lost to late Michael Sata.

As Defence Minister under Sata’s government, Lungu tried to push the deal together with Army Commander Paul Mihova, but Sata and Chikwanda refused because government had no money for such project as they were doing so many roads and other projects.

Now as President and having kept the Defence portfolio, Lungu has approved the multi-million US$ dollars where he has already started receiving campaign materials such as 100s of motor vehicles currently hidden at some security warehouse which the Zambian Watchdog managed to confirm as shown in the picture.

Lungu wants to follow Rupiah Banda’s same footstep of running an expensive campaign in 2016 that will involved targeting key opposition figures by bribing them and dressing all the trees in the country with PF Chitenge materials.

Lungu’s State House Special Assistant for corruption Keizer Zulu is the one managing the whole process, despite objections from the Ministry of Finance officials who have argued the country’s borrowing capacity was already far beyond what tax-payers money can manage to repay.

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