Lungu, Litunga in silent disagreement

Lungu, Litunga in silent disagreement

President Edgar Lungu today (Saturday) held two series of meetings with king Lubosi Imwiko II (Litunga) but failed to agree.

Informed sources say the Litunga feels that the government is undermining him and he is therefore threatening to start supporting the separation of Barotseland. The Litunga is viewed by many as the main stumbling block to self determination of Barotseland

But now the Litunga is unhappy that despite betraying his people for the PF government, the government is undermining him.

For example, The Litunga fired Nyumbu(mweene cheengele) but president Linci has kept the former on payroll.

The other contention  is ‘the issue of late Mweene Kahale of the nkoya people who was denied to be buried in kaoma due to GRZ interference,’ a source explained.

‘Lubosi has finally opted to stand with his subjects to totally separate from Zambia. The VP Inonge Wika was here to calm lubosi 2 days ago but failed,’ another source said.

‘Lungu was here in the morning for 2 hrs but failed. this evening between 17:20hrs to 20hrs the meeting was on but yielded nothing’, said the source.

Said the source’We are reliably informed that Lubosi Imwiko II is receiving international pressure over barotseland issue’.

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