Lungu makes K20 billion in 16 months

Lungu makes K20 billion in 16 months


Just 1 and half year ago Edger Lungu declared k2.5 million today Lungu declares k23 million.What kind of Business multiplies like this if not theft and amassing wealth through proceeds of corruption ?

HH………73.16 million

GBM ……31.8 million

Edgar… ..23.7million

Inonge….3 million

Now Edgar Lungu before the elections in 2015 he had 2.5 million now where did he get all that money in 1 year.


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If this is not day light robbery, then what is????????

This explains exactly why the PF leaders want to stick to power so much, it’s not even about service, far from it…it is about amassing wealth to the fullest.

Lungu, in his nomination papers submitted to ECZ, indicates that he has assets worth K23 Million (K23 Billion unrebased). This is a sharp contrast from what he had submitted in January 2015 when he only had K600,000 worth of assets.

The question is, what has Lungu done to accumulate K22,400,000 (K22.4 Billion) in just one and half years? What business is this that he has engaged in that can see so much profits in just a year? This business must be the BEST business an individual can do if it can manage to have such returns in such a short period.

This is the same Lungu who keeps pretending to be poor to the Zambians and always wants to have an Issue with Hakainde Hichilema and Geoffrey Mwamba on their riches. He pretends to be poor and wants sympathy from the poor Zambians to vote for him because he is “poor”. We have never seen a poor man worth K23,000,000,000…unless the word poor has been reinvented.

This is an issue which should raise eyebrows for every well-meaning Zambian. Those of you in PF should also ask yourselves where this money has come from…just because you are PF doesn’t mean that you should tolerate thieving and corruption!

It is not even surprising at all that Lungu has managed to accumulate so much assets in such a short time, this is a man who STOLE from a widow, an act that led to his Law practicing license being revoked. Stealing is not new to Lungu, he is a proven thief, and there are no two ways about it…he is a thief!

Be lest assured that these are not the only assets he has accumulated, he has hidden some, otherwise it would have been too big to comprehend.

Zambians have a choice this August, either to give Lungu another chance to the treasury to continue amassing or to put a stop to this rot. We have only one beloved country, let us not allow this guy to rape our coffers any further. K23 billion should be enough for him…geez!!

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