Lungu manages to speak for only 6 minutes in Mansa

Lungu manages to speak for only 6 minutes in Mansa

10513460_10205070118293311_7648338581181305657_nWith no vision but battling ill-health, Chawama MP Edgar Lungu Sunday afternoon again failed to articulate issues, this time in Mansa.

Lungu spoke only for six minutes and used most of it to talk about his decision to appoint Ngosa Simbyakula as PF Chairperson for disciplinary Committee.

Lungu’s excited wife even had more to say as she refused to stop speaking when she was invited to address the crowd.

‘Aba Bamayo kuti bakupoka ichipuna icha ku Chawama” (This woman can grab the Chawama position from you), said Lungu after his wife finally stopped speaking.

During the short speech, Lungu reiterated that he will follow late president Michael Sata’s vision as he has not vision of his own.

The rally was thereafter hijacked by chancers who took turns to speak.

Lungu has carried with him journalists from Radio Phoenix and government media.

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 16.23.54PF cadres have been growing restless from the time Lungu made himself for public scrutiny on Radio Phoenix where he said he has no vision. PF supporters are worried that and disappointed that Lungu is failing to speak properly.

On Saturday at a rally in Kitwe, he for the second time, failed to live upto expectations of many people who turned up to hear him

He was given a speech to read but was just fumbling through inaudibly. After realising that the crowd was disappointed, he asked if he could speak in Bemba. But the answer came from nature which also seems disappointed and sent heavy down pours disrupt the rally.


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