Lungu may send soldiers to protect Mugabe

Lungu may send soldiers to protect Mugabe

Zambian dictator Edgar Lungu, currently taking selfies on Egyptian pyramids, might secretly send soldiers to protect his mentor Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe.

There is uncertainty in Zimbabwe right now as soldiers have seized that country’s national TV (The equivalent of ZNBC in terms of uselessness). President Mugabe is said to be holed up in his house and has not said anything since the crisis deepened three days ago.

At least three explosions were heard in Harare early Wednesday and military vehicles were seen in the streets after the army commander threatened to “step in” to calm political tensions over 93-year-old President Robert Mugabe’s possible successor. The ruling party accused the commander of “treasonable conduct.”


The Watchdog now understands that Mugabe dispatched his Foreign Affairs Minister Walter Mzembi to Lungu to ask for support as South Africa said it would not intervene. Mzembi met PF regime foreign affairs minister Harry Kalaba.


Mugabe has been Lungu’s mentor from the time he succeeded Michael Sata. He was the one officiating at his inauguration having coached him how to maim opponents and use state machinery to force himself on the citizens.

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