Lungu, Mhango destroying education

Lungu, Mhango destroying education

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The Ministry of General Education is headed for doom as long as the PF government continue to make useless decisions in the noble ministry. Since the PF came into power, can anyone point at any sensible and tangible thing they have done? The worse has been recorded since Edgar Lungu assumed office.

After the 2016 elections, Lungu has made changes to the ministry in order to pin those who supported the opposition during elections.

President Lungu is the one who is destroying the ministry through his appointments of some questionable characters.

Lungu appointed Stanley Mhango as Teaching Service Commission whose character is questionable. If you recall, Mhango was an official for Professional Teachers Union of Zambia (PROTUZ) but was removed from his office by the courts of law because he assumed office using a back door. Mhango and others imposed themselves on PROTUZ and chased all genuine members, thanks to the court for removing him.

After being removed from PROTUZ, Mhango and others formed their own union called National Union for Public and Private Educators of Zambia (NUPPEZ). Two months after forming NUPPEZ, President Lungu appointed Mhango Teaching Service Commission Chairperson. The main reason of appointing him was to deal with teachers who are perceived to be opposition sympathizers the way he dealt those who opposed him in PROTUZ. Mhango has already fired PROTUZ General Secretary Kangwa Musenga on grounds that he absconds from work. The truth is that Mhango is still bitter that he was removed from the union and that it was PROTUZ and the three other unions that pushed government to at least give teachers 7% salary increase.

As if that is not enough, the ministry has again appointed NUPPEZ Public Relations Officer Malonga Ngoza as Teaching Council of Zambia Chairperson. Her appointment comes after this lady made a warning to teachers that those who attack her union will be fired. How can a union fire a teacher? Now at Teaching Council of Zambia, she has again warned teachers who circulate unconfirmed information on social media that they will be dealt with. She knows that teachers are not happy with the policies the ministry is imposing on teachers and so the best way to stop them is to issue a warning because they bring the name of the President into disrepute.

This union NUPPEZ is a branch of government that is tasked to report the conduct of teachers to teaching service for dismissal. This is why when there is a function at State House, NUPPEZ National Coordinator Amalume Phiri and Stanley Mhango are invited. These two report to the President. Other teachers who are perceived to opposition sympathizers are given transfers. For those who may argue, go to the Copperbelt right now and see the massive transfer of teachers, example is Kitwe and Chingola.

The people who are destroying the education are President Lungu and PF.


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