Lungu might not even declare state of emergency

Lungu might not even declare state of emergency

Edgar Lungu may not even declare a state of emergency tonight and he will just be whining on TV, the Watchdog has been briefed.

Lungu is set to address the nation just after 20 hours this evening following the burning of markets and electricity power lines.

Lungu held a meeting with defence and security chiefs Tuesday evening and later on Wednesday he held another meeting with his ministers.

The meeting with service chiefs resolved that he should declare a state of emergency but the cabinet meeting decided against a state of emergency as that would further deteriorate Zambia’s image abroad.

Though cadres like Steven Kapyongo urged him to go for a state of emergency, a few remaining sober ministers cautioned that the long term and economic implications of a state of emergence would be catastrophic.

One minister warned that if State of emergency is declared today, the IMF will not give Zambia the much anticipated loan.

‘So Mr Lungu does not know what do as he has two resolutions one from defence and security chiefs and the other from his own cabinet,’ a cabinet minister told ZWD.



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