Lungu misses taverns, Chama insulted Nawakwi – Andrew Banda

EDGAR Lungu can no longer hide how much he misses tavern life, that is why he has become an excited dancing night patron because he doesn’t care about the people’s misery, says Andrew Banda.

Meanwhile Andrew  has accused PF’s Davies Chama of insulting Edith Nawakwi by stating that she ‘dances’ every night.

And Andrew has challenged his father, former president Rupiah Banda and Dr Kenneth Kaunda, to speak out against violence “since President Lungu has failed”.

Speaking on Hot FM Radio’s Red Hot Breakfast show on October 10, President  Lungu disclosed that he sometimes gets too lonely and sneaks out of State House to see his friends.

“For the nine months that I have been around, I have settled down sufficiently and I think I am on course. The only thing I can say is that it’s a lonely life around here. It’s lonely indeed because you are the man of the moment and the buck stops with you…I really miss being out there. We used to have a nice time with all my friends but I try to sneak out of State House… (laughs). How I wish I could be as free as I was whilst still being President. It is indeed true, out there I miss you guys,” said President Lungu.

A fortnight ago, President Lungu shunned the farewell event for outgoing Auditor General Anna Chifungula at Hotel InterContinental and instead went to dance at an entertainment event at Pamodzi Hotel, where he shocked some diplomats with his dancing skills.

Last Friday, President Lungu went to attend the ZAF annual ball in Lusaka where he was captured ‘’mixing it down’’ with other dancers.

And PF secretary general Davies Chama said President Lungu goes out to dance and relax because that’s who is and doesn’t want to pretend because he is Head of State.

Chama said people, especially FDD president Edith Nawakwi, should not condemn President Lungu’s dancing because she dances every night herself.

“I think this issue of just condemning everything, when you are in a social place, when you are in a disco, they expect you to be just like a wood, when you are in a disco, dance, relax! President Lungu is a human being, whether you are president, you are what, you are just like any human being. You don’t change because of the fact that you have become president; you don’t change in terms of who you are. You are still a human being,” said Chama.

But Andrew said Chama is insane.

“What does Chama mean when he says Edith Nawakwi dances every night? Where does he see her dancing every night? I can’t believe that Chama can insult a mother like that, a grand mother and a leader of a political party?” Andrew asked.

“This is the chief executive of a ruling party saying this rubbish and the President of PF is tolerating the nonsense? What kind of country are we? How can a secretary general of a ruling party speak like that? This tell you the kind of leadership that is running our country.”

He further wondered if President Lungu was sober when he tantalised guests at the ZAF event, adding that a sober Head of State would sympathise with the people over the cruel economy caused by the PF government.

“I wonder if President Edgar Lungu was sober when he tantalised people with his dancing, because when you look at the video from that event, it is shocking that the head of a collapsing economy like Zambia can be jubilating like that. You know when someone dances like that, it is a symbol of happiness, celebration and also a symbol of everything going well,” Andrew said.

“Are you telling me that this President doesn’t know what is going on in the country? If the intelligence is giving him briefings about the state of the nation, how can he surely be so heartless to mock the Zambian people with his desire for going out to dance and drink?”

He said President Lungu misses his tavern life and urged Zambians to remove him from State House.

“Just like he said it himself that he even sneaks out of State House to go out dancing and drinking, it is clear that he misses his tavern life. He misses the days when he would drink the whole day and night without anyone questioning him. But he shouldn’t worry too much because Zambians will grant him his desire. Next year, voters will show him that the problems we have cannot be solved by a drunkard president. We will show him that Zambia is no place for Ndombolo president,” Andrew said.

“My only consolation is that Zambians will do the needful on the 11th. There isn’t anybody who can solve this problem. It is us Zambians because Edgar Lungu has refused to do that. We can’t have a situation where the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces goes jiving on the dance floor in military attire like that. It is so humiliating for our country. Next, you will see him officiating at a kid’s birthday party dancing and drinking.”

He said the PF administration was like a curse.

“Two months ago, there was a decree that everyone must fast and reconcile and pray to God that the economy improves and so on. But have things improved? Look at the history of violence since the PF came into power! Look at what happened in Vubwi two weeks ago! A young man [Peter] Sukwa was brutally attacked and the people who attacked him are well known but the police have not done anything,” Andrew said.

“What we are going through is actually a curse, that when you are trying to cheat God and trying to pretend that you are holier than though and your deeds are the opposite, this is the result of what is happening in the country. Everything has gone wrong.”

And Andrew said it was dictatorial for the PF to block Hakainde Hichilema, Edith Nawakwi, Nevers Mumba, Wynter Kabimba and other opposition leaders from campaigning.

“That’s dictatorship! I am afraid they are practicing dictatorship. Meanwhile even the President’s wife is jumping on public choppers and going all over the place in the pretext of helping the vulnerable but she is campaigning for her husband. What kind of democracy is this? We have actually become a laughing stock. This public order Act must be done away with as we go towards elections,” he said.

Andrew also appealed to Dr Kaunda and his father to speak against violence since President Lungu condoned it.

“Those people who attacked the journalists have not been arrested because the President condones it. Lungu is not maintaining law and order. You know right now, we only have two former presidents left and I always desist from trying to bring in the old man but I can’t avoid it. There are only two, the first Republican President and the old man (Banda). They really have to come in now and appeal to President Lungu to stop this violence,” said Andrew.

PF cadres recently beat up Sukwa, a Post correspondent in Chipata, and Feel Free Radio reporter Kelvin Tembo in Vubwi when they went to investigate reports that some Malawians were acquiring Zambian national registration cards and registering as voters in Chikoka area.


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