Lungu mobilises soldiers for his intended state of emergence

Embattled President, Edgar Chagwa Lungu is preparing to strike his last arrow in his frantic effort to retain powered by hook or crook. The desperation that has struck the ruling party is unprecedented as the Intelligence wing has already tipped Lungu and his top officials that the possibility of PF retaining power in a free and fair election is a far-fetched dream.

The Intelligence wing normally releases a report to the seating President on the expected winning margins whenever an election is called. However, the report recently released by the Intelligence has put UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema ahead of Lungu and says there may not be a rerun because HH will secure over 50% of the votes in the first round.

In the light of this impending Armageddon, Edgar Lungu has resolved to use underhand and violent methods to remain in power. Troops of soldiers have been ferried into Lusaka and are currently camped at different locations and will be expected to storm the streets on the night of the elections. A bigger number of them are currently at a classified location near Mikango Barracks.

Lungu has gone further to deploy 50 police recruits in each of the Lusaka urban constituencies where he is expected to lose significant votes. In Matero the 50 police mercenaries are camped at Matero stadium and in Mandevu they are in tents near Garden Compound. In Chawama the officers are lodged near John Howard school while in Kabwata they are behind Chalala at a secluded and classified location.

It seems the outgoing President is preparing to crack the whip and unleash terror on innocent citizens via these PF cadres in police blue overalls. The cadres will unleash violence at counting stations and fire teargas to disperse UPND monitors and then rig figures. Any resistance from the public to succumb to their evil motives will be met by ruthless brutality and accuse the UPND of trying to cause unrest at the polling stations.

Due to the watermelon operation that the UPND launched and the Post Newspaper’s photos of protesting cops, police officers have been undergoing intense screening before being deployed for this dirty operation. Only those deemed loyal to PF and not the state have been engaged and have already been paid huge sums of allowances.

Officers whose political affinity is unknown and those whose ethnic background is associated with the UPND’s purported strongholds like Southern and Western have all been left out.

(anyone near Matero stadium can go and peep inside and notice these terrorists there)

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