Lungu mocks Zambians who died in Mazabuka, says they thought they were fit but died before he

Lungu mocks Zambians who died in Mazabuka, says they thought they were fit but died before he

“I am assuring you here that we will work together until 2016 and finish that which our beloved and dear leader left for us to finish. And after that, probably go again for another term of five years from here. I am saying ‘probably’ because we all would have loved the president to finish his term. People are saying I am dying, I am dying, [and] that’s why I keep saying ‘probably I will finish the term’; because probably they will succeed in bewitching me. I don’t know,” President Lungu said.

“Somebody insists ati balafwa nombaline, balafwa nombaline, ati ni slow puncture (they say he will die very soon, he has a slow puncture). I don’t know but let me assure you that I am as fit as a fiddle. But [don’t] wait for me to say that I will be living, alive and in good health, because ni Lesa.”

President Lungu said even the people who had been advised by doctors that they were fit could die just like those that perished in the Mazabuka truck accident.

“When I was coming here, I heard that a truck lost control in Mazabuka in the early hours, hit into Shoprite and we lost so many people, 17 lives have been lost. Some of those lives were very healthy, advised by the doctor ati ‘Imwe you can stay forever’ but it’s not forever, it’s God; we all have our end,” President Lungu said. “Those people who keep praying nkafwa, nkafwa, kubeba fye ati please napapata (those who keep praying that I die soon), find something else to pray for because bonse kwisa twaisa fye pa chalo no kufwa tukafwa (We all just came on earth and we will all die). But why should you predict with so much certainty that this guy is dropping dead tomorrow? That’s why baleebela ati nindoshi (they are witches). Because you can only say so if you have programmed somebody’s life. Let me tell you, I am as fit as you are, probably better, you never know.”

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