Lungu moves corrupt elements to State House

Grand corruption has been taken to the centre of Government (State House) after the appointment of extremely corrupt individuals as State House officials.

President Edgar Lungu has appointed Kaizer Zulu as his special advisor for Political Affairs and Emmanuel Chilubanama as Permanent Secretary at State House.

Kaizer Zulu was retired in National Interest by Late President Michael Sata after recommendation from Office of the President Special Division. Zulu, according to the OP corruptly obtained favours from an Israel Company that won the tender to install a systems software at Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) called ZAMTIS. From the proceeds, Kaizer Zulu bought a fleet of trucks. When he was fired in national Interest, it means he is not fit for appointment to public office.

Chilubanama the new State House Permanent Secretary is the owner of Card Technology a company that dubiously got tenders to install security systems in almost all government institutions including Zesco Limited.
Collectively, Kaizer Zulu and Chilubanama both IT experts are the ones who created the fake emails that President Michael Sata relied upon to fire former Patriotic Front Secretary General Wynter Kabimba before replacing him with Edgar Lungu. They were

If these early signs are what to go by, then Edgar Lungu’s government will be the most corrupt in the history of Zambia.

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