Lungu, Mswati telecom deal exposed

Watchdog we want to enlighten you and all Zambians on how the Lungu- Rupiah cartel have been siphoning Zambian money into Swaziland.

The recent frequent trips of Edgar Lungu into the Kingdom were to facilitate the formation of Swazi Mobile , a telecommunication company.
He has put a certain Michelo Shakantu to hold into trust all his shares in Swazi Mobile which he co-owns with King Mswati III’s brother in- law Victor Mfana Gamedze. So basically Victor holds a shares in trust for Mswati III and Michelo holds them in trust for Lungu and Rupiah.
This Michelo Shakantu had an elder brother here teaching in one of schools in Swaziland. His name was Jinta Shakantu.
On the other note, Michelo Shakantu is the director of Inyatsi construction. Inyatsi Construction has a big presence in Zambia with very questionable contracts awarded to it like the Chikankata road projects.
Times Of Swaziland, Sun,29th October, 2017 pages 4 and 5 carry stories about the ownership of the new Swazi Mobile listening Victor Gamedze and Michelo Shakantu, and mention us made of the controversy about his citizenship.
The directorship and shareholding of Michelo Shakantu in Inyatsi construction can be verified on supersport TV which featured a documentary on Mbabane Swallows ( were Victor Gamedze is director) on supersport 9 Michelo Shakantu on this programme appears as the director of Inyatsi Construction and he comments on his company’s involvement with sponsorship of Mbabane Swallows.
As Zambian patriots, we feel it’s necessary to expose this massive international money laundering scheme initiated by Rupiah Banda and passed on to Edgar Lungu using stroges like Shakantu Michelo to hide the loot.


Concerned citizens

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