Lungu must be impeached urgently



A few days ago the three Church mother bodies branded President Lungu a dictator.

That bold and courageous statement by the Church has far reaching consequences for President Lungu in particular and the Patriotic Front in general.

The basis of President Lungu’s authority to rule Zambia is his oath to protect and defend the Zambian constitution.

It is clear today that he has lamentably failed to uphold his oath of office.

At the very heart of his obligations is to improve democracy and not butcher it.

By systematically dismantling democracy, President Lungu has breached his oath of office and should therefore be removed from office.

With the opposition in disarray one would wonder how this Herculean task can be achieved?

The answer is by PF Members of parliament impeaching him in the national assembly!

If the PF MPs do not impeach President Lungu. The Patriotic Front will go the way of MMD, which today has less than 6 MPs in parliament.

The removal of President Lungu from office will pave way for a free and fair selection of a PF presidential candidate for the 2021 elections.

The impeachment of President Lungu will heal our land and return us to a Zambia anchored on democracy and the rule of law.

Its better for one man to lose power, than for their entire Nation to lose its heart and soul.

What I suggest is by no means easy.

However, when a boil is ripe, the only way is to squeeze it thereby giving relief to a pain riddled patient.


Waziona Nkhwekwe Chirwa

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