Lungu must go back to Chawama for the following reasons:

By Bruce B Bwalya

WHY: We (Zambians) have work to do ahead of the August 11, 2016 General Elections to ensure that we liberate our beloved country from the hands of these Visionless, Irresponsible, Plunderers and Corrupt People who: 1. Rejoice when our hard-working Civil Servants do not receive their meager salaries on time. 2. Rejoice when Our Miners lose their job.3. Rejoice when our University Students do not receive their meal allowances. 4. Rejoice when Loadsheding affects our Welders, Barbershop owners, Saloons owners, and everyone who depends on electricity to earn a living. 5. Rejoice when their thugs/Carders beat up innocent people in markets and stations. 6. Rejoice when their Carders/Thugs carry bigger sticks than Police Officers and other Civil Servants.7. Rejoice when commodities become more expensive than they were before Lungu became President. 8. Encourage their Carders to cause violence in the country and then blame it on the Opposition Political Parties. 9. Fail to reduce the price of fuel even when crude-oil becomes cheap on the International Market. 10. Do not know how to go about lowering the cost of mealiemeal. 11. Rejoice when our Farmers receive expensive farming inputs late. 12. Rejoice when Zambians loot foreigners shops due to hunger…. It will be “SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST” for the next 5 years if Edgar C Lungu miraculously wins in August. (Mark my words). CRY MY BELOVED COUNTRY (Zambia).

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