Lungu must go in peace

Lungu must go in peace

Former president Edgar Lungu seems to be confusing ‘handing over power’ with ‘giving power.’

It is the people who give power and the people of Zambia from all corners of the country have given the executive power to Hakainde Hichilema.

Lungu’s only role right now is to symbolically handover power. The power has already been given to Hichilema. But there is a ceremony to be performed and this is where Lungu comes in.

Lungu probably thinks that he can somehow remain with this power even when the people have taken it away from him. It’s not possible . It will end in tears. Lungu can redeem whatever integrity he has remain with by just tagging along with the country and discharging his last action as former president. He must not overrate his role. It can be dispensed with. Once the Electoral Commission declares HH winner, the Chief Justice can swear in HH without the presence or consent of Lungu. His role is very limited.

Maybe Lungu does not know the current situation. The military’s loyalty right now is not with him. The police are nog with him. The intelligence is gone. Didn’t he see the results from military barracks and police Sikanze camp ? We doubt the soldiers can obey his illegal orders to kill Zambians once they decide to go and escort him to Chawama via Kamwala South.

The cadres have already abandoned him.

Right now Lungu is just embarrassing himself. He has become an object of scorn on social media and gatherings. Can’t he learn from one Bwezani?

This may end in tears as well.

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