Lungu must stop arresting opponents


The incarceration of the NDC consultant comes at a time when the country faces major economic and social challenges.

Dr. Kambwili has been slapped with 39 counts of theft by Zambia police. This arrest is not so different with what happened to President Hichilema in 2017. This is President Lungu’s leadership style, he believes in intimidating his opponent using state machinery.

The arrest of Dr. Kambwili is not is meant to put fear in those who hold opposing views from those of President Lungu and company.

We should all rise up and speak against political intimidation. This country won’t develop by simply sitting and watching those with power abuse citizens in the manner the PF is doing. We shall be remembered as a generation that lived it’s life without leaving a mark in this country.

It is inhuman to have Dr. Kambwili denied bond when his offences does not stop one from getting police bond by law. Dr. Kambwili is a well established man in this country and therefore does not make sense to have him locked up like a murder convict.

I am reminding the PF leadership that the same things happening to those perceived to be their enemies may happen to them in future. life has a tendency of repeating history.

President Edgar Lungu must take time and think about this country seriously. We are a lost nation currently facing many challenges which the president and his ministers can focus on rather than wasting their time arresting political opponents.

This is not the reason why the Zambian people removed the MMD from power in 2011 even though we still have MMD in PF today. We wanted ‘More jobs, lower taxes and More Money in our pockets’, not this blank cheque we have in president Lungu.

As I wind up I want to call upon every young person belonging to the next generation to take interest in how we are being governed and develop ideas on how we can stop the PF from further taking this country to the dictator. We must always remember that ideas are more powerful than guns, let the PF use guns, we will use ideas to kick them out. The PF brutality is way beyond comprehension and must be stopped.

God Bless this land.

David Kapoma
Governance Activist

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