Lungu nationality: supporters resort to intimidation

Lungu nationality: supporters resort to intimidation

After failing to show to the public president Edgar Lungu’s parents, uncles, siblings or birth records, PF officials have resorted to intimidation.

One PF MP Jonas Chanda says he is now giving free mental checkup for Zambians seeking the truth on Lungu’s nationality.

Chanda also says the same people questioned Kaunda, Chiluba, Sata and Rupiah Banda’s nationalities.

The truth is that KK never disputed but admitted that his parents were Malawian. Rupiah Banda also admitted that he was born in Gweru or some other abandoned village in Southern Rhodesia. No one had expected Chiluba to say the truth. And no one ever questioned Levy Mwanawasa’s Nationality because his nationality was never a mystery.

And it was not Mulongoti who questioned Chiluba’s or Kaunda’s nationality.

It was the PF that told the country that Rupiah Banda was a Zimbabwean. The PF even tried to block Banda from contesting elections saying he was a foreigner. So what is this Chanda talking about now that it is his interests at stake?

Lungu should just prove he is Zambia by producing his birth records or his family to vouch for him. How come we have never heard of Lungu attending burial or wedding of family member like we used to hear about other presidents?

Chief Kalindawalo was not Lungu’ birth attendant so he should stop misleading the public.

Below is the rubbish statement from Chanda:



_Lusaka, Zambia, 18th April 2018_ –

Patriotic Front (PF) Member of Parliament for Bwana Mkubwa Constituency Hon. Dr. Jonas Chanda has offered to provide “FREE MENTAL CHECKUPS” to politicians insulting Republican President Edgar Lungu that he is a foreigner from Malawi.

Dr Chanda, a Medical Doctor, says some unprincipled politicians who in 2015 campaigned for a Zambian called Mr Edgar Lungu to be elected Zambian President hoping to be given government positions and business contracts, are now displaying serious MENTAL LAPSES by claiming he is a Malawian.

The Lawmaker remarked that President Lungu’s origins were well known as the Nsenga Chiefs from Petauke District led by Senior Chief Kalindawalo had said, and he was born in Ndola, grew up in Chimwemwe, Kitwe, attended Mukuba Secondary School in Kitwe, and studied Law at University of Zambia Great East Road Campus in Lusaka. He had also been a practicing Lawyer and Politician in Zambia, NOT Malawi.

“As a Medical Doctor I would certainly offer free MENTAL CHECKUPS to anyone hallucinating that Ndola, Kitwe, Chimwemwe, Mukuba Secondary School and UNZA Great East Road Campus are all in MALAWI and NOT in Zambia. In Psychiatry that’s called being DISORIENTED in PLACE,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dr Chanda has called on Zambians to ignore politicians who specialise in the CULTURE of PRIMITIVE POLITICS of INSULTS and CHARACTER ASSASSINATION as they are threat to National Unity and Peace, and are irrelevant to the country’s political equation.

“It is this same crop of failed politicians who had called former President Kaunda a Malawian, late President Chiluba a Congolese, former President Rupiah Banda a Zimbabwean, late President Sata a Tanzanian, and now they have turned on President Lungu calling him a Malawian,” he said.

Issued by:

Hon. Dr. Jonas Chanda
Member of Parliament,
Bwana Mkubwa Constituency,

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