Lungu not serious with resolving Barotseland impasse- BRE Induna

Lungu with the Litunga

A member of the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) has charged that ‘President’ Edgar Lungu cheated the BRE and people of Barotseland that he was ready to dialogue on the Barotseland Agreement impasse.
The Induna who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of victimisation from the compromised Litunga lamented that from the time Lungu met the BRE delegation in Lusaka in July last year he is mute on the matter.
‘As you know last year just before the elections we sent a delegation to Lusaka and met Lungu at State House and during that consultative meeting he promised to engage in dialogue after elections but nothing has been done,’ the Induna lamented.
The Induna further doubted Lungu’s seriousness in resolving the matter because he was talking about dialogue yet Afumba Mombotwa and others are in Zambian prisons over the same matter.
Shortly before the 2016 presidential elections Lungu met the Barotse delegation at State House and pretended to commit himself to settling the Barotseland issue amicably through open dialogue.
‘’I do not want to make unrealistic pronouncements for political expedience, taking advantage of the current ongoing electioneering. I want this process to take its full course after next month’s elections,’’ Lungu said last year.
Lungu has made several pronouncements on the Barotseland issue in the past but has never acted on any of the pronouncements save for arrests of Barotse activists.
On 29th January 2015 shortly after he first bulldozed his way onto the presidency, Lungu announced to Zambians in Addis Ababa while attending the 24th African Union Summit in Ethiopia that he was going to travel to Western Province the moment he got back to Zambia to sort out the Barotseland matter.
‘’I will go to Western Province to meet the people of Barotseland next week when I get back to Zambia and I will ask them to show me the boundary so that I know who is involved and possibly hold a referendum on the issue in the area,’’ Lungu said at that time but never went to Western Province when he got back to Zambia.
Lungu had also ‘promised’ to release the Roger Chongwe Commission of Inquiry report on the 2011 Barotseland Agreement related Mongu riots that results in deaths of over 21 people but has not done so to date.


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    Sobongo 6 months

    All we need is a President who will be man enough to honour the agreement. When a sitting government signs a contract all successive governments are bound by it. The same way they have honoured the mining deals that Chiluba and Sata signed when they were busy selling our mines is the same way the agreement should be honoured.

    This is something that may cause a lot of confusion in this country if it is left unchecked

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    I think people of Barotseland just need unity among ourselves, no president of Zambia will liberate us from their yoke, our king is not merciful to the people of Barotseland,Afumba is charged with stupid judgement of treason for Barotseland, who is Lungu for Barotseland? only those who didn’t go to proper schools before 1967 can say they don’t know the Boundaries of Barotseland. My appeal to all Barotseland people is that ‘Stop calling the nick name western province’ BUT SAY Barotseland instead now on.

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    jimmy shaba 6 months


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    kanyembo 6 months

    What is there to resolve? Kaunda started it…. Chiluba ignored it. Mwanawasa ( the clever lawyer) paid lip service to it. Banda thought it was a waste of time. Sata ignored it…..too. What do you want our young president to do???? MY ADVISE TO TE PRESIDENT ……IGNORE IT too. It is irrelevant to morden day society.

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      Haajanika 6 months

      You are silly kanyembo,when you don’t know things don’t comment. Kaunda is one idi..ot who caused problems on the same issue. Anyway, one day it will be resolved somehow. Just wait and see.

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      Sobongo 6 months

      Which young president? A sixty something year old man is not young.

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      SENIOR BINO 6 months

      These pipo are living in the past. Don’t you have other things to talk about?? The Nation has to develop. Leave it to real Developers while you are parasites if you cannot work!! Barotseland Barotseland through out the news!! Accept change as inevitable.

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    Ntonto 6 months

    Talking about a simple historical fact like the unity of two part of Zambia North Western and North Eastern Rhodesia to form Zambia becomes a sensitive matter matter because Zambia is through and through a mining country where some people simply bey being part of Government are now mining cash. Zambia is truly full of stupid idiots.

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    Lisimba Mukoboto 6 months

    Just like the people of Scotland were given an opportunity to decide whether to continue to be part of the United Kingdom. And just as the people of UK held a referendum to decide if to continue as members of the EU, so the people of Barotseland and its allied territories should be given chance to decide if they have to continue to be part of a country Zambia. It is as simple as that. If this right is denied, do not blame anybody if it explodes on your faces because other people are now behaving like new colonial masters of former North-western Rhodesia.

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    Jimmy shaba,dont comment foolishly on serious nation matter like Barotseland this issue is vary sensetive,so i ask u 2 b responseble with hw we comment on de matter.This not election time 4 u 2 start posting yo trash,this is abt zambia not yo ka one room house were u talk anyhow n yo wife o children wil listen 2 u.iv tryed 2 reason with J Shaba bt iv just discovered that u cnt change a fool,u a fool n u remain so

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    Jimmy shaba 6 months

    Wat is there to resolve?