Lungu orders DEC to release his drug carrying prophet

Lungu orders DEC to release his drug carrying prophet

Amata today at airport

Just like we expected corrupt thief Edgar Lungu is currently interfering with the arrest of his fake prophet from Nigeria Isaac Amata.
Amata was arrested at KK airport last night after being found with drugs.

The DEC this afternoon confirmed the arrest of Lungu’s prophet.

But Lungu has since moved in to intimidate DEC officers and Amata will be released this evening.

Lungu and his fellow criminals now want the country to believe that the bag that contained the drugs does not belong to Amata but that there was a mix up.

See the hogwash written by Lungu’s Sangoma Edgar Ngoma below:


*Report by Dr. Edgar Ngoma at KK International Airport Lusaka *

The story circulating on social media about the arrest of Prophet Amata that he has been detained over a bag containing powder has since backfired because the real bag belonging to the Prophet has arrived this morning aboard South African airways.

The mix up in the bag happened yesterday when Prophet Amata upon finalising his visa payment and formalities , he went to claim his baggage, but only found one of his two pieces of the two bags. Instead of two bags he only found 1 bag weighing 11kg.
The other bag weighing 15kg had not arrived. Prophet Amata proceeded to report his lost bag to National Airport corporation and giving the correct description of the lost bag.
But when he left the KKIA to the car park the prophet was called back to give a statement on a blue back which the DEC said bore his details. But prophet Amata denied the knowledge of the bag.

In unbelievable circumstances the DEC officers asked the man of God to accompany them to their town office so that they could record a statement from him.

After recording a statement DEC detained Prophet Amata.

However, this morning the real bag arrived aboard SAA.
The man of God is currently making his way to KK INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT from Kabwata police where he was detained to go and identify and pick his correct bag.

Further details later as the story unfolds

Report by Dr. Edgar Ngoma at KK International Airport.

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