Lungu orders DPP to appeal Mwaliteta’s acquittal

Lungu orders DPP to appeal Mwaliteta’s acquittal

Evil dictator Edgar Lungu has ordered the DPP to appeal the acquittal of former Lusaka province minister Obvious  Mwaliteta, the Watchdog has been informed.

And the Watchdog understands that Lungu wants Saviour Chishimba to spend more nights in jail before he is taken to court.

Chishimba was supposed to appear in court yesterday at 10 hours but he was simply not taken to court and no reason was given. Chishimba who was arrested last week has also been denied police bond because Lungu has ordered so. Defamation of the president is bailable and police have powers to grant bond to the accused person. Infact Chishimba should have been granted police bond the same day he was arrested but this could not be done because Lungu is using pre-trial detentions to punish political opponents.  Even if he is taken to court today, the DPP’s office will try their best to make sure he is denied court bail.

Mwaliteta and others spent almost a year in jail despite being innocent and even if they have been acquitted, they have already been several punished. Now Lungu wants Mwaliteta to be taken back to prison.

Lungu, we understand, fears that Mwaliteta’s trial will have a grave impact on the case of the man he hates and fears most,  Hakainde Hichilema. With HH’s trial commencing next week, Lungu believes that  Mwaliteta and other people who posses evidence of how the elections were rigged should be incapacitated. During HH’s trial, the issue of why he does not recognise the dictator as president will come out strongly and it is possible that some rigging evidence will be tabled in court.

Moreover, just the mere fact that Mwaliteta has been acquitted has demoralised Lungu’s agents of evil in the police force so is looking at how to encourage them and inflict more pain on innocent people. 

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