Lungu orders police to arrest HH, GBM

On Edgar Lungu’s orders, police in the Copperbelt are now mobilising to arrest opposition UPND President Hakainde Hichilema and Vice-President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba should they make any moves with their programme in the area.
And Lungu himself is likely to personally travel back to the Copperbelt anytime soon even today leaving other pending programmes in Lusaka and some scheduled meetings in Livingstone.
Highly placed sources within State House have revealed that Lungu has personally ordered arrest of HH, GBM and entourage should they proceed with the tour of Mufurila, Kitwe, Chambeshi, Kalulushi, Masaiti, Lufwanyama, and Mpongwe for the UPND party mobilisation meetings.
“This order is a follow up to the Tuesday night high security meeting Lungu held with his top security team where he ordered the flushing out of the UPND leadership from the Copperbelt. He is upset police merely fired teargas at crowds in Kitwe and Luanshya yesterday without arresting HH and GBM or summoning them to police”, State House sources revealed.
Highly placed sources revealed that Lungu severely warned Home Affairs Minister Davies Mwila and Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani for not following his directives to the latter of making sure HH and GBM left the Province.
“He does not want any opposition leaders to be going to the Copperbelt until he decides himself. He actually planning to visit the province himself. He may even go there today to feel how the ground has shaken since the UPND team has been in the area. He has engagements in Livingstone but may delegate Vice-President Inonge Wina to officiate while others will be taken up by his wife Esther Phiri who is already in Southern Province with a convoy of more than 20 vehicles”, sources have revealed.
Sources say while Lungu was happy with the teargassing of Copperbelt residents yesterday, he was upset that the two leaders were left off the hook to continue their programme today in some urban and Copperbelt rural towns.
Government through Vice-President Inonge Wina recently imposed a curfew on the people of Copperbelt by banning opposition meetings in the area until next month.
But the plan was that by next month Lungu was planning to camp in the area on what he wanted call his Christmas Holidays in the area meaning no opposition leaders would still be allowed to go there while he is in the area.
The earliest opposition leaders would possibly have been formerly allowed would have been January by which time the PF media wanted to paint a picture that even opposition leaders do not care about the plight of the workers and people on the Copperbelt by not sympathising with them.
Riot police from Kanfinsa have since been put on high alert and there will be no compromise today and even ready to shed blood to make sure HH and GBM are arrested or physically escorted back to their homes.

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