Lungu orders police to flush out HH, GBM from CB

President Edgar Lungu last night held a top security meeting at State House and ordered them to physically flush out opposition UPND President Hakainde Hichilema and Vice-President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba from Copperbelt.

Highly placed sources revealed that Lungu even had to cancel his holiday in Nyimba where he was resting despite economic downturn in Zambia in order to personally supervise the operations from State House.

“The boss is not happy with the overwhelming reception the UPND team is receiving on the Copperbelt compared to his recent tour there when he was being jeered by miners. He wants HH and GBM flashed out of that area this morning without fail. So far a lot of money has already been released by State House to for the operation some of it to be used for hiring thugs,” State House sources have revealed.

Sources said Lungu personally called Copperbelt Police Commissioner Joyce Kasosa at night and condemned her for allowing opposition political meetings on the Copperbelt.

Highly placed sources said some security personnel advised Lungu to find another means of solving the situation especially at the time the International Monetary Fund mission is currently in the country and rating Zambia’s economic and governance performance and this may aggravate the situation.

But Lungu told them he does not care about the IMF as they are not Zambian voters but the presence of HH and GBM on the Copperbelt will make him lose election next year.

Others also advised him that forcefully removing the opposition leaders from Copperbelt will also give them political mileage but Lungu treated anyone with divergent views in the meeting as having been compromised and working with the opposition.

“This man is not as humble as he portrays. Even those so called prayers are.just meant to hoodwinking the country but he can be ruthless.

Recently Lungu ordered some curfew on the Copperbelt by banning all political meetings involving opposition leaders in the province that has seen massive job losses in the key mining sectors.

The UPND team travelled for party mobilisation meetings to the Copperbelt and so far they have been well received in an area Lungu considers his stronghold but it is now stronghold for poverty.

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