Lungu orders police to give Mumba harsher charge

Lungu orders police to give Mumba harsher charge

On orders from forged President Edgar Lungu, Senior Police officers from Police Headquarters and State House last evening held a closed door meeting to find a more ‘suitable’ but harsher and unbailable offence for MMD President Dr. Nevers Mumba.

Lungu gave the orders via phone from Nyimba where he went on Thursday last week at some named Lodge.

Today Lungu has sneaked out to Luwingu District of Northern Province where he is meeting some witchdoctors or Sangomas from the Democratic Republic of Congo who are expected to furt give him juju and cleanse him ahead of the illegal swearing in ceremony on Tuesday.

Lungu has ordered for the arrest of more UPND leaders after inauguration and charge most of them with treason.

Sources say Lungu’s idea is to completely cripple the main opposition UPND Party and their leadership so that he can only remain with surrogate parties that won’t give him any challenge.

Part of the strategy now is also to further cripple even the online media such as the Zambian Watchdog (this media) by arresting those he suspects are linked to it.

Those close to the operations have revealed that Lungu is now just testing Zambian reactions and so far he is happy that they have been very docile on the closure of the Post Newspaper, Muvi TV and other private media houses.

He is happy that even the donor community and the church seem not interested in condemning his dictatorship by organising an uprising against him.

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