Lungu orders police to kick HH out of Sesheke

Lungu orders police to kick HH out of Sesheke


-As Kapyongo tells police to search people leaving and entering Zambia through Namibia. Suggests imposing curfew

President Edgar Lungu has ordered Police officers to immediately start hunting UPND President Hakainde Hichilema and have him arrested.

Security sources have revealed that Lungu wants HH arrested and be bundled out of Sesheke Constituency.

The whole operation is being commanded by the thug running the Ministry of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo, who yesterday revealed plans to arrest Mr. Hichilema.

They are planning to slap Hichilema with some yet to be decided offences related to the Sesheke incidents.

Lungu did not want Mr. Hichilema to do any campaigns in Sesheke

But what has annoyed the PF thugs is that the residents of Sesheke Constituency have completely rejected them.

We understand Sesheke residents will fight back.

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