Lungu orders police to shoot rally goers

Edgar Lungu has ordered the police to shoot to death any citizen who will turn up for the UPND rally in Kanyama.

The UPND is scheduled to hold a rally in Kanyama today. The sadistic and brutal regime of Lungu has told the UPND not to hold the rally claiming that Zambia, in particular Lusaka is not safe.
But the UPND says they are not going to riot or fight with anyone but will just gather peacefully to listen to their leaders.

However, Edgar Lungu phoned Lusaka province commanding officer Nelson Phiri today and ordered him to give police officers live ammunition and shoot anyone who will attend the rally.

According to police officers, Phiri has since communicated this order to his policemen

The police have already surrounded the venue of the rally.

The PF is currently in the process of withdrawing Zambia from the International Criminal Court (ICC) to avoid being arrested for such crimes. But withdrawing from ICC does not mean a criminal can not be arrested. Sudan is not a member of the ICC but its ruler is on the wanted list and one day he will be nabbed for killing Sudanese citizens.

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