Lungu orders ZAF to take HH to Mukobeko


State House sources have revealed to the Zambian Watchdog that dictator Edgar Lungu has issued fresh instructions to ZAF commander Eric Chimense to between 12:00 hours and 20:00 hours today fly UPND President Hakainde Hichilema from Chimbokaila prison to Mukobeko.

Sources say ZAF Commander has also assigned a faulty Chopper which is likely to clash land and kill HH just like the way the system killed ZAF officers in the Lusaka west by clash landing the chopper.

“Please, please inform the world, we are just from a meeting with ZAF 1staff and Eagle one, it has finally been resolved that the big man be taken to Mukobeko in Kabwe but our worry is the chopper they want to use, it is a faulty chopper which may just drop from the air and eventually kill the big man”, said our sources.

And the sources say earlier instructions from Edgar Lungu were that HH be driven to Mukobeko prison in the night when everyone is asleep but that this was objected by the intelligence officers on grounds that the world will ask in case of a planned smart killing accident and would ask why he was moved in the night.

“Currently everyone is busy in the system doing preparations and just in case the chopper clash lands and the big dies, there will be need of tight security”, disclosed our sources.

And sources have appealed to the UPND members, civil society organizations, international community and lawyers to safeguard Hakainde Hichilema’s life by ensuring that he is not moved by that faulty chopper to Mukobeko or planned killing on the road.

The sources say Dictator Lungu, Kaizar Zulu, Mumbi Phiri, Frank Bwalya, Percy Chato, Eric Chimense, Paul Mihova, Kakoma Kanganja and Amos Chanda are the ones who have authorised this operation which the intelligence system is calling in code names as “operation finish” or “OF”

Details coming later, as we are right inside state house and red brick (OP) room C222 and at police force headquarters in Kakoma Kanganja’s room C111.

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