Lungu personally blocking journalists from covering HH trial

…as Lungu personally directs on how to cover HH trial

Management at the disgraced state broadcaster Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) were on Friday shocked when State House phoned to direct how the HH treason trial should be conducted, “who must be quoted” and what angles to take in what is seen as some high level panic by the Lungu administration.
Meanwhile, state House has directed that ZNBC should forthwith not cover all the former Information Ministers, Mike Mulongoti,Vernon Mwaanga, and now Chishimba Kambwili.
ZNBC sources told the Watchdog that while it was a daily occurrence to receive instructions on what stories must be covered, the current desperation and panic was “scarey.”
“State House called our bosses on Friday and instructed how we must cover the HH trial. Specifically who must be quoted from the PF.
“We were directed to only quote Amos Chanda, Davis Chama, the SG, Sunday Chanda, Frank Bwalya, Mumbi Phiri,” said the impeccable source.
Further, that the PF broadcaster should not cover anything to do with Kambwili.
” State House was categorical nothing should be reported on former Information minister and roan Member of Parliament Kambwili, ”
Reporters to cover the trail, according to the source, have also been carefully selected and will this weekend be meeting Amos Chanda and other PF functionaries to rehearse the HH trial.
The HH trial begins in the High Court on Monday.


  • lol. ati statehouse. who is statehous?

  • I knew these guys wil b n panic 1 day,they thot all days were sundayz,dey neva saw dis monday cming,i guese its pay back tme.HH 4 da pipo of Zambia!

  • God Is Watching .treason On Who?

  • HH is another Odinga, perpetual losers

  • Am sure when HH went in he thought he would come out the following day..kkkkk. How wrong he was, ife tilibe ati unandalama, tifyantha chabe! Azachangamuka! Meanwhile boyfriend wa Mutinta ali busy busy na madam wake.

  • Lungu in a panic mode

  • Pressure after pressure, wow.

  • Prince Muleya

  • don’nt know you people ati the watchdogs always tell lies

  • If you want or not HH will be released.God have already directed him 2 become the president of our great nation zambia after these challenges.

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  • Why? let it be in public, if it is a real treason.

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  • This is a shame and stop collecting TV levy from people you don’t cover including their supporters should not be subjected to TV ley.

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    All legal professionals have been turned into cadres the Justice Minister is non-functional in Zambia. ALL are scared leaders. SHAME.

  • miti , im also looking at the surnames of those against the watchdog and i understand why some people will leave state house in 2021. in any case if you dont like what the watchdog reports , kindly unlike their page and leave those of us who support the watchdog in peace .Its not as if anyone forced you at gunpoint to like the page . We wont even miss your abscence.

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      abilima 7 months

      Only shallow minds remain polarized. Great minds look at everything.

    • Yeah they should like znbc and leav us alone those who like watchdog

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  • That is why we have the credible Zambian watchdog to some of us it will be live.Why start things that makes you to panic at last anyway am just watching 4rom afar bwana.

  • Shame upon kaminamisa chokolwa President.

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    Jonathan lungu 7 months

    Lungu is a foooll. That’s the problem of letting fools take over the instruments of power. This guy is so mediocre. Straight from the Komboni to state house. Chibuku kachasu still in the head.

  • I get infor online….. What is ZNBC to me its like any other religious channel which preaches in Islam or Arabic languages…..

  • My opinion is for the govt. to allow all media house(local and internatioal)in court so as to show the world the incriminating evidence against HH thus shutting out everyone in doubt of the indictment.PEACE

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