Lungu personally blocking journalists from covering HH trial

…as Lungu personally directs on how to cover HH trial

Management at the disgraced state broadcaster Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) were on Friday shocked when State House phoned to direct how the HH treason trial should be conducted, “who must be quoted” and what angles to take in what is seen as some high level panic by the Lungu administration.
Meanwhile, state House has directed that ZNBC should forthwith not cover all the former Information Ministers, Mike Mulongoti,Vernon Mwaanga, and now Chishimba Kambwili.
ZNBC sources told the Watchdog that while it was a daily occurrence to receive instructions on what stories must be covered, the current desperation and panic was “scarey.”
“State House called our bosses on Friday and instructed how we must cover the HH trial. Specifically who must be quoted from the PF.
“We were directed to only quote Amos Chanda, Davis Chama, the SG, Sunday Chanda, Frank Bwalya, Mumbi Phiri,” said the impeccable source.
Further, that the PF broadcaster should not cover anything to do with Kambwili.
” State House was categorical nothing should be reported on former Information minister and roan Member of Parliament Kambwili, ”
Reporters to cover the trail, according to the source, have also been carefully selected and will this weekend be meeting Amos Chanda and other PF functionaries to rehearse the HH trial.
The HH trial begins in the High Court on Monday.

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