Lungu, PF smuggling campaign vehicles into Zambia

President Edgar Lungu and PF have in the past two months been bringing in vehicles meant for campaigns in the 11th August general election, without paying any taxes at the border. The scam has robbed the national treasury more than five million Kwacha in form of taxes.

The vehicles which range from buses to light trucks have been smuggled into the country using the Nakonde border with the aid of some PF agents positioned in the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA).

So far 25 Toyota Land cruiser vans, 10 Toyota Hiace buses, 10 Toyota Hilux vans have been smuggled into the country, some more are expected to be smuggled in and will be distributed across different party structures.

Some ZRA officials at the border have confirmed the scam to the Watchdog while PF insiders have said that in order to cover the evil tracks, some vehicles will not be branded and may also be registered in private names.

The PF officials however warned that there is fear among some members to have the vehicles registered in their names as it may attract the non bailable offence of motor vehicle should there be change of government and investigations instituted.

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