‘Lungu’ s PF failing farmers’

Dear ZWD
President Sata, lying on his sick bed and with all the memory lapses he had, at least did something for the rural farmer than the ever present globe trotter Alungu Anabera. Government has up to date failed to start buying maize through FRA.

Around this time last year Mr. Sata’s FRA had gone for two weeks buying maize. But Alugu Anabwera’s FRA is still sleeping. To top it all this government of cowards has remained mute over the maize flow price.

There was a rumor here in Lufwanyama that government would start buying maize last Monday 3rd August 2015. What funned this rumor could be that by that date nearly all FRA depots were expected to be ready to start the process. And yes they are ready.

Farmers started transporting maize two days before that date. This desperation was caused by the premise that those who will take their maize early will not experience late payments. But to their rude dismay on Monday nothing happened. The depot clerks told the poor farmers that they have not been instructed to commence. When quizzed about the price for this year, the confused auxiliary officials said they have no idea.

Now the farmers are marooned at the FRA depots. I have been to four depots and the situations is the same. They all have hundreds if not thousands of bags of maize. Every night these poor farmers are paying money to hire guards to protect their maize.

The despondent farmers are now worried that government may not even buy their maize. Others are saying that government is perhaps contemplating on reducing the flow price.

To rural people FRA is just like ZESCO is to town dwellers. Other maize buyers are t hated the same way city dwellers hate solar systems and generators. Telling a rural farmers to sell maize to brief case business men is tantamount to telling town dwellers to forget about ZESCO and buy their own generators. Here FRA’s failure to buy maize has the same effect as load shedding. It is a big issue. Maize is people’s life and only FRA gives enough money to ameliorate the suffering the rural poor.

ZWD please ask Alungu when he will buy the maize which is already at FRA satellite depots? Or should we conclude that his alliance with one RB has really rendered his goverment useless. I saw him on TV yestaday praising Alungu. Is really Alugu worth of any praise? Then I remembered the baptism of urine RB had when he exclaimed “Kanitundila”. That monkey knew what Mr. Lungu and most of us don’t know about ba solar geyser Bwezi. Alugu must show character and tell these rural farmers if his government is in any position to buy their maize.
Please ZWD be the voice of these rural farmers.
Conceal my id please.

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