Lungu, PF want Presidential term increased to seven years

Lungu, PF want Presidential term increased to seven years

lungu-in-lundaziPresident Edgar Lungu and his PF are scheming to change the constitution so that a Presidential and parliamentary term is increased to seven years from the current five years so that if he manipulates his way to a third term in 2021 he should rule up to 2028 and possibly forever.

Copperbelt sources from his third term campaign team have told the Zambian Watchdog that Lungu was so desperate to cling to power especially after committing so many atrocities and theft of public money.

“While we are moving the 2021 bid, there is also a scheme to change the election cycle so that it becomes seven years instead of the current five years. The mistake Zambians are making is to believe that this man is humble as he pretends when in church,” said the source.

And to achieve this, Lungu wants to silence all critic media and lawyers hence the serious war he has waged with Post newspapers owner Fred M’membe. Once he is done with M’membe, Lungu wants to start targeting individual critic journalists who shall be slapped with fake charges and jailed while others shall just be clearly assassinated.


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