Lungu, PF will pay dearly for injustice on Zambians

Lungu, PF will pay dearly for injustice on Zambians

 MMD president Pastor Nevers Mumba has declared that Edgar Lungu and his PF shall pay very dearly for the injustice they are meting out on Zambians such as the unjust incarceration of UPND president Hakainde Hichilema. He has urged the PF government to release him or put him under house arrest as a way of creating conducive environment for dialogue otherwise the current state was just degenerating things.

Dr. Mumba who served as vice president of Zambia during the Mwanawasa reign condemned the inhumane conditions under which HH and other accused were being kept as though they were convicted. He charged that even if someone has been convicted, the purpose must not be to dehumanise them as was the case with HH who was being subjected to using a bucket for his convenience since his cell did not have toilet facilities.

“I can assure them that as minister of the gospel that whatever they are doing they are not achieving anything but a bad name for the nation because whatever is happening is known in all over the world and they will pay back because that is the way God has made the world and they will pay badly because you reap what you sow and they are not sowing a good seed,” he said.

During the interview he said he has made efforts to advise Edgar Lungu but he has not gotten any response. He has tried to advise him so that he does what other past Presidents to ease the tension. He however remained hopeful that dialogue will take place but was quick to remind Lungu not to attach conditions to the dialogue because that is the cause of the tension.

He cited the disputed elections and the constitutional court mishandling of the matter, the bad electoral process and the brutality of the police who have injured the image of Zambians and must be curtailed urgently. Among his conditions Lungu wants HH to recognise him and that they should not talk about the 2016 elections.

Mumba said that he visited HH not only as a politician but also as a minister of the gospel and used the occasion to preach to him and took a message from Luke chapters 22 and 23 and that HH’s incarceration must be used for the betterment of the entire nation because even Jesus Christ was innocently crucified.

“I visited him not only as a politician but also as a minister of the gospel. I used the opportunity to share the gospel from Luke 22 and 23 and encourage him. He should know that he is not alone and that even Jesus Christ as innocent as he was, was crucified as the law was broken so as to allow the perpetrators to crucify him,” said Dr. Mumba.

Earlier Bishop John Mambo and other civil society also visited Hichilema to show solidarity with him.

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